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Top Cat Calendars for 2009

Illustrated Cat Calendars for the Cat Enthusiast


For the cat lover who wants to surround himself or herself with everything feline, cat calendars are an absolute must. Everyone in my family puts cat calendars in their winter gift-giving lists. These are my favorite cat calendars for 2009: desk calendars, wall calendars, mini wall calendars and lovely cat picture calendars. These cat calendars make lovely inexpensive gifts for cat lovers. Why not consider one as a gift for yourself, too?

Ivory Cats 2009 Calendar

Photo of Ivory Cats Wall Calendar
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Leslie Ann Ivory is renowned worldwide for her lovely cat paintings, and her calendars get more beautiful every year. This 14.2" x 10.9" wall calendar will satisfy the cravings of every Ivory fan, young or old. Published by Tide-Mark Press.
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Cat-a-Day 2009 Cat Calendar

Photo of Cat-a-Day Cat Calendar
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
If there is such a thing as the ubiquitous cat calendar, this desk calendar is it. Every year for almost a decade, without fail, I gifted my dear husband with this calendar. The payoff for me is was that every day he brought me home a page or two - double the enjoyment. This year, I'll buy one for myself. Published by Workman Publishing, with new photos daily, along with interesting tidbits of cat trivia.
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Urban Tails 2009 Wall Calendar

Photo of Urban Tails Wall Calendar
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Subtitled "inside the world of alley cats," this wall calendar follows the lives of feral cats in a colony near photographer Knox's studio. A portion of the income from sales goes to support charitable organizations helping stray and feral cats. A companion book, Urban Tails, by Sara Neely (Author) and Knox (Photography) would make a fine additional gift, coupled with the calendar. Compare Prices for the book.
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Cat Engagement Calendar 2009 (Kliban)

Photo of Kliban Cat Calendar Engagement Book
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Fans of Kliban will LOVE this engagement calendar. Spiral bound with 112 pages, the book measures 7.8" x 7.1". Best yet, the engagement calendar boasts 53 full-color Kliban cat images. The calendar also includes full-page 2009 and 2010 yearly grids, a list of international holidays, and a page for notes.
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The Funny History of Cats Wall Calendar 2009

The Funny History of Cats Wall Calendar 2008
Photo Credit: © Martine Carlsen
I love cat calendars and usually buy several every year as holiday gifts for friends and family. This one really tickles my funny-bone, with great full-color cat drawings depicting the history of cats from the first cat mummy (cover) to the first cat on the moon (December). I have to say that the artist, Martine Carlsen, is my hero (I call her the Queen of Graphics)

This calendar is published by Cafe Press and has U.S. Holidays printed on it. It measures 17" x 22" when hung.

By way of disclaimer, I have an (unrelated) business association with Martine Carlsen.

Cat Lovers 2009 Weekly Engagement Calendar

Photo of Cat Lovers Engagement Calendar
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
This handsome hardcover weekly engagement book features lovely photos of cats opposite each week's page. A nice feature is an elastic band page marker. Includes tabbed months and handy sections for notes and addresses. The book measures 7.6" x 6.8", a convenient size. Published by Troutman, one of my favorite suppliers of calendars.
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A Cat In the Garden 2009 Calendar

Photo of A Cat in the Garden 2009 Calendar
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Exquisite photographs by Del Gregor enhance every month of this calendar. You'll see purebred cats and moggies in all sorts of garden settings. I'm always tempted to frame and hang some of these photos. The wall calendar measures approximately 13" x 24" when hung. Published by Pomegranate.
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Cat Naps 2009 Weekly Planner Calendar

Photo of Cat Naps 2009 Weekly Planner Calendar
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
What can possibly be as lovely and innocent as a sleeping cat or kitten? Published by Sellers Publishing Inc., this planner measures 9.2" x 6.5" and includes 13 color photos of blissfully sleeping cats.
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365 Cats Page-a-Day Calendar 2009

Photo of 365 Cats Desk Calendar
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Another beautiful page-a-day calendar, this one from Workman, featuring winning photos from a user-submitted contest. You might even want to submit your own photos for the 2010 calendar!

As always, the calendar pages are loaded with quotes, breed information, health and care tips, and lore.

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Cats Rule Wall Calendar 2009

Picture of cover: Calendar Cats 2008
Photo Credit: © Martine Carlsen
One more wall calendar featuring the original art of Martine Carlsen rounds out this year's list. Martine gets her inspiration on cat behavior from her own two Abyssinian cats, Sonny and Cher, who rule her home. Cats Rule perfectly describes the attitudes of most cats I've know, and the illustrations will tickle the funny bones of cat lovers. The calendar features 13 of Carlsen's drawings in all, and measures 11" x 17" when hung.

Disclosure: I have an unrelated business association with Ms. Carlsen.

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