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Dry Cat Food

Choosing food for your cats is one of the most important decision you'll ever make to ensure a long and healthy life for your beloved feline companion. Your About Guide to Cats has taken the work out of selecting cat food by reviewing these dry cat foods for you.

Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Primitive Feline Cat Food
Learn more about Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline Grain Free Dry Cat Food with this full review by Franny Syufy on About.com

EVO Turkey and Chicken Dry Cat Food
This review of EVO Turkey and Chicken Dry Cat Food will give you more information about this brand of food for help in deciding if it is right for your cat.

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula
Read this review of a nutritious grain-free dry cat food that cats seem to enjoy.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Dry Cat Food
With three out of four of my cats overweight to one degree or another, I came across Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free dry cat food. My cats all give it two paws up for flavor and I rate it highly for its ingredients.

Review: The Goodlife Recipe Food for Cats
Full review of The Goodlife Recipe Food for Cats.

Top Picks - Canned Food for Cats
These are my top choices of quality canned food for maintenance in cats (for adult cats). Any of them would form a fine basis for your cat's diet, supplemented by dry food, as needed. The bottom line is that the best food is wasted, if your cat won't eat it, so don't be too focused on the numbers.

Wellness Complete Health Dry Formula for Cats
Full review of Wellness Complete Health Dry Formula from Old Mother Hubbard.

Azmira Cat Formula Dry Cat Food
Azmira's early dedication to providing the most natural ingredients made them one of the original premium food manufacturers.

Blue Adult Cat Food
Although Blue Cat Food is relatively new to the market, its excellent ingredients and the added concept of "LifeSource Bits" give it a head start toward being a contender among premium quality cat foods.

Bon A-Paw Tete Gourmet Food for Cats
What if you held a really fancy party and the guests of honor failed to show up? This was the position I found myself in when I introduced the Bon A-Part Tete gourmet foods to my fussy cats. Each entree smelled mouth-watering good to my human nose, but upon presenting to the cats, they turned up their collective royal noses and walked away.

California Natural Cat Food from Natura
Cats seem to like the taste, and the company prides itself on maintaining exacting standards. Consumers looking for "natural" cat food will like this product.

Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul
Guide review of the premium dry cat food with the colorful name that's taking the U.S. by storm.

Review of Innova Evo Cat Food from Natura Pets
Review of Innova Evo cat food, manufactured by Natura Pets, reviewed for About Cats

Innova Dry Cat Food
Innova earns a solid place as a top-rated cat food. After reading the list of ingredients and savoring the yummy aroma, I'd be tempted to taste it myself.

Instincts TC by Feline Future - Raw Food Supplement
Mixed with water, raw meat and liver, Instincts TC from Feline Future forms a complete and natural diet for promoting optimal health in your cat.

Flint River Ranch Dry Cat Food
Flint River Ranch provides all the nutritional needs in a unique shape cats seem to like; a solid contender, but available only through dealers.

Lick Your Chops Dry Cat Food
A nutrient-dense formula for growth, pregnancy and maintenance of cats up to eight years of age.

Nutro Natural Choice Dry Cat Food
Nutro cat foods are generally well-liked by cats, and the price is reasonable, compared to other premium dry cat foods.

Sojourner Farms European-Style Cat Mix
Sojourner Farms created their blend based on the information gleaned from a study of the feeding habits of European cats, and the result is a healthy, well-balanced diet for cats, when mixed with raw meat and vegetables.

Wellness Choice Dry Cat Food
A well-rounded recipe, free of animal by-products or artificial preservatives, colors, and flavoring, make Wellness a firm top pick.

Wysong Archetype Dry Cat Food
This company strongly believes in its own products, and that is a compelling argument in itself for people who prefer to prepare their cats' meals personally. (It must be supplemented to form a nutritionally complete diet.)

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