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Bon A-Paw Tete

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Bon A-Paw Tete Tamale Pie

Bon A-Paw Tete

The Bottom Line

The finest of organic vegetables, fruits, and grains, along with free-range chicken and organic eggs, failed to impress my fuzzy plebians.


  • Arrives frozen solid, thanks to dry ice
  • Individual packages prevent waste
  • Wholesome, natural ingredients


  • Expensive for every-day fare
  • Fussy cats may not like it
  • Must be ordered in lots of 20 units (5 lbs.)


  • Apple Meatloaf: beef heart, organic raw oats, and organic apples
  • Cheesy Vegetable Cake: organic couscous, organic eggs, cheese, and organic vegetables
  • Chicken Lo Mein: organic chicken, organic whole wheat pasta, and organic vegetables
  • Beef Liver and Bacon Balls: lean beef, beef liver, organic brown rice, and organic sweet potatoes
  • Liver and Vegetable Pate: chicken livers, chicken, whole wheat bread crumbs, vegetables, all organic
  • Pizza Pie: organic whole wheat pasta, organic cottage cheese, pizza sauce, cheese
  • Tamale Pie: beef heart, organic corn meal, organic vegetables, organic eggs, and cheeses
  • Salmon Souffle: organic salmon

Guide Review - Bon A-Paw Tete

What if you held a really fancy party and the guests of honor failed to show up? This was the position I found myself in when I introduced the Bon A-Part Tete gourmet foods to my fussy cats. Each entree smelled mouth-watering good to my human nose, but upon presenting to the cats, they turned up their collective royal noses and walked away.

These are good foods, and each individual meal was lovingly designed to provide only the freshest, most natural organic ingredients: free-range chicken, organic meats, grains, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Although some of the flavors (notably the Tamale Pie and the Pizza Pie), seemed a little too spicy for regular fare, as an occasional treat, the feline human-food scrounger might enjoy them.

In fairness to Bon A-Paw Tete, my own cats disdain anything resembling human foods, much preferring their "premium, but ordinary" kibble and canned food. Except for Billy, they even disdain cooked chicken breast.

The Salmon Souffle was the sole exception. Joey ate a respectable amount, then Billy moved in for the kill. There was precious little left, by the time Jaspurr woke up long enough to discover something new in the food dish.

The required minimum order of 20 units (4 oz. per unit), makes this gourmet food a bit pricey for purposes of experimenting. But if your cat's appetite seems jaded, you might get together with a friend or two and split an order, particulary if you often find your cat eyeing your dinner plate.

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