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Preparing a Raw Food Diet for Cats


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Preparing a Raw Food Diet for Cats
Photo of Billy Before Diabetes Diagnosis

Billy Before Diabetes Diagnosis

photo © Franny Syufy

Raw food diets have long been recommended by experts such as Lisa A. Pierson, DVM and Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM, JD. Even many decades ago, between 1932 and 1942, The Pottenger's Cats Compare Prices experiments showed that cats were healthier fed with a raw food diet. Why a raw food diet? Because cats are obligate carnivores, and must eat flesh to thrive. In the wild, a cat may hunt, kill and eat

Raw Food Diet for Diabetic Cats

Billy is a ten year old cat recently diagnosed with feline Diabetes Mellitus. He also has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), a disease for which there is yet no known cure. Billy has always been a very fearful cat, terrified to go to the vet's office, and fearful even of taking medication. Because of his underlying heart condition and high stress, I am hoping to minimize his possibilities of daily injections of insulin.

While insulin injections are traditionally prescribed, experts on feline diabetes have successfully controlled or prevented this disease with a raw food diet. With that goal in mind, I will be transitioning not only Billy, but all my cats to raw food, first by mixing with a premium canned cat food, then gradually increasing the ratio of raw to canned, until they are eating 100% raw. That, of course, is my ultimate goal.



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