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Cat Food FAQs

Some of the most often asked questions I receive are about cat food: feeding habits, schedules, what kinds of food to give cats, even what kind of cat food dishes to use. Listed here are commonly-asked questions about cat food and nutrition.

Why are cats described as "obligate carnivores?"
A reader asks what is the difference between 'carnivores,' and 'obligate carnivores,' and why cats fall into the latter category. Read my answer to this cats question.

Should I change my cats' food from Kasco?
A concerned reader has been feeding his three cats a cheaper quality food and asks if he should switch to another more expensive food. Read my reply to this frequently asked question about cat food.

How long can I safely leave canned cat food out?
How long can I safely leave canned cat food out? Learn the answer to this frequently asked question about cat food safety

Why the protein content discrepancy on your top pick canned kitten foods?
Reading cat food labels can be very confusing as evidenced by an email from a reader. He asks why I list a particular canned kitten food as 50% protein when the label on the can clearly states 11%. Read my reply to this frequently asked question about cat food.

Is there a rule for the use of "Formula" on a pet food label?
I read many articles you have on cats. Now, I've seen so many canned label "Chicken & Fish" Formula. You mentioned the "Chicken" for Cats 95& rule, and the dinner/entree 25%-95% rule. Is there a rule for the use of "Formula" on a cat food label? Read my answer to this cat food FAQ.

FAQ - Can feeder mice substitute for a raw food diet for cats
A reader who is interested in a raw diet for his cat asks if substituting feeder mice would be appropriate, since raw food diets try to emulate the foods cats eat in the wild. A FAQ from About Cats.

FAQ -What kind of food can I get for my allergic cat
My cat is allergic to beef, rice, wheat and chicken. the cat food given by the vet which is venison, my cat refuses to eat. Is there a good brand of cat food that does not have these ingredients? Read the answer to this cat food FAQ from the About.com Guide to Cats.

Can a cat go blind from eating dog food - Food FAQ
If you feed cats dogfood, can it cause them to go blind? Food FAQ

Is bottled drinking water unsafe for cats - Health FAQ
A reader writes that she's heard bottled drinking water is unsafe for cats. What is the true story? A cat health FAQ.

Cat Food FAQ - How many cans of cat food a day for an adult cat
How many cans of food would I have to feed to meet an adult cat's daily nutritional requirements? Cat Food FAQ and answer from About.com

What's wrong with by-products in cat food ?
Most cat experts recommend premium brands that avoid things like by-products and chicken meal, etc. However, I was thinking about how feral cats eat a whole rodent, or whole bird. It seems like the cheaper brands would be closer to a natural diet than the premium brands in this case.

How often to feed a cat or a kitten
How often should I feed my cat? Once a day? Twice a day or more often?

Should I feed my cat dry food or canned food?
Should I feed my cat dry food or canned food? Or maybe a combination of them both? This is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive about feeding cats.

Can the right cat food correct urinary problems?
I just got a 1 year old male cat and don't know what he was fed. He doesn't like Iiams or Science Diet and I would like to keep him on a dry food. Is there a food you could recommend. He has been neutered and I've been told bladder infections are common if not on right food.

Is Milk Okay for my Cat?
My cat seems to love milk and I've been giving her a little bit every so often. Is this okay?

Does Hairball Control Food Change Eating and Elimination Habits?
Does this food increase their elimination in the litter box more and does it make them eat more? I ran out of the hair ball food one day and used regular food on them and I noticed a little bit of a difference - is it my imagination? Please let me know what you think.

Why does my kitten paw the floor next to his dish after eating?
After my kitten eats or drinks, he paws the floor as if he is digging or burying something. Since I have never had a cat before I have no idea what he is doing or trying to tell me. Do you?

Can I feed my cat table scraps ?
Can I feed my cat table scraps? We always fed our dog scraps, but I've heard it isn't good for cats. If this is true, why not? FAQ about cat food.

Can I feed my cat dog food ?
Can I feed my cat dog food? Other than the dog's objections, will eating dog food be harmful to the cat?

What cat food ingredients should I look for?
What cat food ingredients should I look for? What are the most important ingredients in cat food for my cat's good health?

Human Grade Meat in Cat Food ?
Why do you seem to be skeptical about the use of human grade meat in cat food? Are you aware of the crap that's being sold in cat food?

Keeping kitten food and adult cat food separate
How can I keep my kitten's food separate from my adult cat's food? I know kittens need kitten food and I don't want my adult cat to get fat eating kitten food. FAQ about Food

Should I feed my cat on a fixed schedule?
Should I feed my cat on a fixed schedule? Or should he just eat when he's hungry?

Should I try a Vegan Diet for my Cats - Cat Food FAQ
Vegetarian and Vegan diets are becoming more popular among both animal activists and others concerned about health. The question often arises as to whether they should involve their cats in their vegan philosophies. Read the detailed answer to this question by HOSTBarb, host of the About Cats Forum

Why do so many people think milk is good for cats?
A reader asks: I'm wondering WHY is it that the popular media makes us think that cats like to drink milk and that it's normal to feed cats milk, when it's really bad for them. Why is the association of cats+milk being widely propagated--to the detriment of cats? Unless one reads about cats, I think many people carry a false belief that cats drink milk, don't you think? Read my reply to this cat …

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