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If you feed cats dogfood, can it cause them to go blind?


Question: If you feed cats dogfood, can it cause them to go blind?
I know it's a strange question, but I've read that dog food is harmful for cats. It looks and smells much like cat food and my cats seem to like eating it when we run out of cat food.
Answer: It's not a strange question at all. There's nothing in dog food that will directly harm a cat within a short period of time, but the point is what is lacking. Simply put, dog food does not provide the nutrients required by cats. Eating a little bit of dog food won't kill a cat. But a cat fed exclusively on dog food can not only go blind, but can develop a heart condition, called feline dilated cardiomyopathy.

The difference primarily is taurine, found in muscle meat, heart, and liver. Studies have also been done that showed pregnancy failure in queens with long-term taurine depletion, including increased resorption of fetuses, reduced litter size, and increased incidence of stillborn kittens.

Taurine supplement has been added to commercial cat foods for several years, for these reasons.

I would never suggest feeding cats dog food, but rather food specifically formulated for their own, unique nutritional needs.

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