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Can I use Feeder Mice in Place of a Raw Diet?


Question: Can I use Feeder Mice in Place of a Raw Diet?
I read most of the articles on raw food diets for cats however I am still left wondering something. Is it safe or acceptable for a cat's diet to forego all of the preparation of raw meat and just use feeder mice like those used to feed snakes? The raw food diets are supposed to imitate what a cat would eat in the wild, however it just seems easier to either buy or breed feeder mice for a cat to eat. But is it just as safe as the raw meat diets?
Answer: You are to be commended for wanting to give your cat the best diet possible. However, while cats might enjoy an occasional mouse to supplement a raw food diet, in my opinion, a diet of only feeder mice would leave out essential nutrients needed by cats. While your premise is partially correct, in the wild, cats would not eat only mice. They would also eat chickens, birds, rabbits and other rodents, as well as the occasional bug. These other protein sources form a well-rounded diet for cats.

Raw food diets, such as the one Michelle T. Bernard suggests in her book, Raising Cats Naturally, were carefully researched and refined, and each supplement used in the "recipe" is there for a specific purpose.

While you might be able to design a similar raw diet for cats, using mice instead of chicken or rabbit, it really would not be worth the effort involved, and would probably be more costly in the long run. Remember that these raw diets came about after years of research, and are carefully designed to include exact amounts of each ingredient for optimum nutritional value for cats.

If you are serious about a better diet for your cat, I'd suggest reading the book. If you do not want to mess with buying and measuring out all the supplements, you can buy them ready-mixed with Instincts from Feline Future, the originator of the raw diet for cats. Alternately, you could mix a week's supply of all the dry ingredients at one time, then measure out the amount needed each day. Either way, you would be assured that you are giving your cat the best diet possible.

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