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Cat Food Recalls

The Menu Foods and associated pet food manufacturers' recalls on 2007 gave rise to a new sense of national consumer interest in what's in our pets' food, along with demands for reforms. While many companies have regrouped, distrust in the pet food industry as a whole still remains at a high level.
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The Anatomy of Pet Food Recalls
Pet food recalls often cause immediate panic by pet owners, as writers hustle to keep current with the latest recalls. This article goes into details about the biggest recall in 2007 and the current recall in 2012.

Menu Foods Pet Food Recall Index
The Menu Foods Pet Food Recall, announced March 16, 2007, has pet owners in a frenzy of anger, fear, and worry, as more and more cats and dogs fall sick or die from eating these recalled foods. Lack of current facts has led to wild speculation and even more fear. This Pet Food Recall Index will list information as it unfolds, in an effort to...

FAQ: Pet Food Recall of March, 2007
The massive pet food recall by Menu Foods of Canada and associated pet food companies has given rise to a number of questions from concerned cat owners. Provided here is a list of questions and answers about this pet food recall.

Recalled Cat Food List
Readers have complained that the list of recalled foods on the Menu Foods site is in red and not easily printable. Here is a list in black type with links to each brand's specific details.

One Year After the Recalls
A year ago a massive recall of pet food was announced by Menu Foods, which started an avalanche of related recalls along with horror for thousands of people who lost their pets to tainted pet food. In the past year, consumer demand has led to a number of efforts to tighten restrictions on imported food ingredients. One year later, is pet food...

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