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Catlore and Urban Legends Involving Cats

Despite (or because of) being the most popular species of pets, cats have over the centuries been the target of myths, folklore, and more recently, "urban legends." While some of the stories are sympathetic to cats, others have been borne of the imaginations of those who distrust or fear cats.

Black Cats Folklore - Witches - Beliefs About Black Cats
Black cats play a major role in folklore, superstition, and mythology. Black cats in the middle ages were believed to be witches' familiars, and some people even believed them to be witches incarnate. Depending on your area of the world, black cats can mean either good or bad luck. Explore the mythology and lore about black cats, witches, and other beliefs that carry on in the 21st century, especially around Halloween.

Cat Kills Woman - True Story or Urban Legend
Is this 80-year-old story true, or is it the stuff of which urban legends are created? From my email box, the story of the pissed-off cat who killed its owner. Questions and answers from the About Guide to Cats.

Simon and James
A true story, told to me by my hairdresser, of the remarkable reappearance in a dream, on the same night, to the two people who had loved Simon best, during his life on earth as a cat.

The Telepathic Cat
Can a cat communicate through long distance to its loved human companion at the moment of its death? This story, an excerpt from the book, "Ghost Stories of Pets and Animals," would have you believe it possible.

Bonsai Kitten
Urban Legend Guide David Emery shares his take on the mythology of the Bonsai Kitten, a subject that caused (and still causes) consternation to cat lovers all over the world.

Are Pets Psychic or Just Super-Sensitive?
Paranormal Guide Stephen Wagner shares remarkable stories of animal telepathy, sense of direction and premonition.

Can Cats Suck the Breath out of Babies?
David Emery, Guide to Urban Legends with About, asks the question, "If not, why do so many people believe they can?"

The Dead Cat in the Package
Why would someone steal a dead cat? David Emery shares this century-old urban legend by revealing a couple of versions of the story.

The Lion Cut
When David Emery emailed me with this photo, I was able to verify that the "Lion Cut" does indeed exist. Still, the urban legend around this photo is too funny to miss, says David, and I agree.

Snowball, the Giant Mutant Cat of Ontario
Another recent urban legend, whose photo was forward around the world through the marvels of electronic mail. The true story is much too mundane; I prefer the legend.

Telepathy with Animals
Can the spirit of a cat come back to help ease the pain of its former human companion? Paranormal Guide Stephen Wagner explores this and other questions about telepathy and animals.

The Cat in Urban Mythology
MessyBeast.com shares dozens of myths, folklore, and urban legends involving cats, and puts to rest a few fears about cats, while doing so.

Folklore and Superstition
Glenda Moore has compiled a tidy little list of folklore for your enjoyment.

How Pussywillows Got their Name
Sad but sweet little legend about the tree with kitten-fur buds.

Lore of the Cat
Throughout history people have either loved or hated cats, and Susie Bachman of Pawprints and Purrs tells all about each side.

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