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Catnip: The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent

Catnip is a mild stimulant to cats, and its effect may range from wild exhilaration to disinterest, depending on the age of the cat. Learn more about catnip, its effects on cats, and suggestions for its use.

Write a Review of a Catnip Treat or Toy
Read other reviews of catnip treats and catnip toys, then post your own. The information you share, along with your star rating will help other readers in their decision toward purchasing that particular catnip treat for their cats.See submissions

Who Put the Nip in Catnip?
It's sort of like the old "chicken and egg" conundrum. Did catnip get its name because cats are so nuts over it, or did they fall for the oldest marketing ploy in the world?

Catnip - Catnip Toys
Many cats are crazy for catnip, and a dab of catnip will irresistibly lure cats to any toy, scratching post, or kitty tower. Fresh catnip is also a favorite treat for cats. Here are my top picks for catnip, catnip treats, catnip toys and accessories, and catnip to grow.

Crazy for Catnip
What is Catnip, anyway? Veterinary Guide Janet Tobiassen Crosby provides the answer, along with some FAQs and a poll.

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