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2011 Cat Picture of the Week: Akita

First Cat of the Week for January, 2011


Cat Picture of the Week: Akita

Cat Picture of the Week: Akita

Photo Credit: © Meg, About.com Guest

"I would encourage those thinking about adoption to just go to the shelter and talk, even if you're apprehensive. I was intimidated by the thought of going because I didn't want to walk into a room with a bunch of cages and sad faces staring at me. I can't speak for all adoption centers, but this shelter was not like that. They had a few animals visible in the lobby area, but they seemed content. This was an encouraging environment to fill out the adoption request form, as I was a bit nervous; we were about to adopt a species I knew little about, and I didn't want to do something wrong! If you are nervous about this responsibility too--or if you're just nervous to see what a shelter is like on the inside--just call the shelter ahead of time and ask questions! It doesn't hurt to know.

"Akita, our special adoptee, was very shy and skiddish in her new home at first. She hid and slept most of the day until she was no longer bashful about wanting to be fed. Now she screams relentlessly when she hears the word "hungry" and bothers us for attention all the time with her eep, eep, eeeps!"
Meg, About.com Guest

Akita was selected from the Adopted Shelter Kittens Show and Tell gallery, as were all the Cat Pictures of the Week for January, 2011. This Show and Tell feature includes kittens from birth to one year, who have been adopted from shelters, cat rescue/foster groups, or on occasion, rescued from the streets. You may submit your kittens story with this form.

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