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2012 Cat Picture of the Week: Bonnie Blue

Fourth Cat of the Week for November, 2012


Cat Picture of the Week: Bonnie Blue

Cat Picture of the Week: Bonnie Blue

Image © About.com Member csmith700

In April of 2010 Csmith2000 (known as Charlie on the Cats Forum) took on a massive challenge when he and his wife rescued 11 one-day-old kittens and their two mom-cats. The mother cats gave birth to the kittens in bushes across the street from Charlie's house, and the couple fostered them until they were about 10 weeks old. Although they lost one kitten, the rest survived, and either loving homes or a no-kill shelter took responsibility for them. However, Charlie calls himself a "failed foster, because they decided to keep Bonnie Blue, a dilute tortie with startling blue eyes and her tuxedo sister, Banjo. Bonnie Blue's photo and full story appear in the Life With a Tortoiseshell Cat Show and Tell gallery.

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