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2012 Cat Picture of the Week: Donny

First Cat of the Week for December, 2012


Cat Picture of the Week: Donny

Cat Picture of the Week: Donny

Image © About.com Member amberlyb

Before I even read Donny's story, I smiled, then chuckled when I saw his sweet face, which looked to be smiling with hope. I read on, and was not disappointed at all when I read how he came to live with Amberly. On the contrary, she is a cat foster, and the minute she saw Donny at the shelter, she insisted on taking him as he wasn't doing well there. She also brought home his littermate, Halle Blackberry. At six months, the veterinarian has given Donny a clean bill of health. Amberly describes Donny as "My best mate, My confidant," and I think it's safe to assume that he has joined the ranks of her own personal cats. Donny's full story appears in the Life With a Red Cat Show and Tell.

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