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2012 Cat Picture of the Week: Peyton

Second Cat of the Week for November 2012


Cat Picture of the Week: Peyton

Cat Picture of the Week: Peyton

Photo © Guest, Kimilee

Peyton was one of a litter of kittens found on a schoolteacher's roof. She brought them to her 5th grade class where Kimilee's son was a student. Although the kitten home went to two other homes consecutively, the mother in the second home (Kimilee's best friend) named her Satan because of all the "trouble she caused," and finally begged Kimilee to take this poor kitten. Kimilee did gladly, and renamed her Peyton. She, like I, believes that no cat should ever be given names with evil connotations.

Although Peyton still creates lots of mischief, (Kimilee calls her "mentally disturbed), she is basically a cuddler, and has chosen Kimilee as her person. Peyton's full story appears in the "Life With a Tortoiseshell Cat Show and Tell.

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