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2012 Cat Picture of the Week: Maia

Third Cat of the Week for November, 2012


Cat Picture of the Week: Maia

Cat Picture of the Week: Maia

Image © About.com Member balbrenny

When Balbrenny learned that an acquaintance's daughter's cat had a litter of kittens and wanted rid of them right away at four weeks old, she immediately took in both Maia and her brother, a gray and white kitten. Balbrenny has a soft heart for tortoiseshell cats, you see.

Maia is now nine years old, and from all evidence, appears to rule the roost in this home in Australia. She doesn't like dogs, and will readily deal out a swipe to the nose if one of them ventures too close. Maia is also very vocal as seems to be a common trait of torties. While loaded with tortitude, Maia is still very affectionate. Her full story and photo appears in the "Life With a Tortoiseshell Cat" Show and Tell.

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