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Cat Picture of the Week: Apollo

Second Cat Picture of the Week for February, 2013


Cat Picture of the Week: Apollo

Cat Picture of the Week: Apollo

Image © Guest, Lena Grooms

Lena accompanied a friend to the CAPS shelter in Houston, TX, so she could find a cat. When Apollo saw Lena, he banged the cage door open and bumped his head into her hand, spilling the food. The shelter worker apologized and while she was cleaning up the mess, Lena and her friend (who had not found a cat) left. A couple of days later, Lena returned to CAPS and Apollo became hers. Alas, Apollo was not long for this world< but he lived several lifetimes to the hilt in the short time he was here. Lena has written about him so poetically, that it does not do her justice to paraphrase her descriptions of Apollo, whom she called Mr. Po. Apollo learned much from other cats in the home, and taught a few lessons in respect to the dogs, using his razor-sharp clews when necessary. I know readers will enjoy Lena's story about her Apollo, with his Shawn Connery personality and winning ways.

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