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Indoor cats sometimes become bored, and television can often be entertaining to them, if the program material is cat-approved. Wildlife programs are a favorite, but the coming trend is "kitty TV" - DVDs and video tapes made with cats' entertainment in mind. These movies are so real to cats that they often provide interactivity, when cats try to catch the "prey" depicted on the screen

Do your cats watch TV? Enjoy this picture gallery of "couch potato cats" watching TV and then submit your own pictures. The Guidelines are linked in the "Suggested Reading" sidebar.

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Picture of Billy, a TV Cat Watching TelevisionTV Cats Picture GalleryPicture of Billy and Joey, TV Cats Watching TelevisionTV Cats Picture Gallery: Joey and BillyPicture of Billy and Jaspurr, TV Cats Watching TelevisionTV Cats Picture Gallery: Jaspurr and BillyPicture of Billy, Joey, and Jaspurr, TV Cats Watching TelevisionTV Cats Picture Gallery: Billy, Jaspurr, and Joey
Picture of TV Cat BadgerTV Cats Picture Gallery: BadgerPicture of TV Cats Maggie, Lucy, and LouieTV Cats Picture Gallery: Maggie, Lucy, and LouiePicture of TV Cat PeachesTV Cats Picture Gallery: PeachesPicture of TV Cat SnoopTV Cats Picture Gallery: Snoop
Picture of TV Cat GGTV Cats Picture Gallery: GGPicture of TV Cat Pearly ToesTV Cats Picture Gallery: Pearly ToesPicture of TV Cats Pearly Toes and GGTV Cats Picture Gallery: GG and Pearly Toes
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