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Brave Cats Dressed in Their Halloween Finery


A friend sent me a cute photo of a cat wearing a bonnet from the popular ICanHasCheezburger site. The cat sez, "Hope u dont plan on returning it cause ur blood will leave stains." The few times I've tried to put hats or outfits on my cats, I've gotten the same response.

Just out of curiosity, I posted a blog poll on my site. So far, 47 percent of the respondents voted "No. My cat would rip my face off if I tried," and 9 percent voted that they and their cats enjoy it very much.

I also asked my braver readers to send me photos of their Halloween Cats. You may submit your Halloween Cat Photo by filling out a quick form and uploading up to two photos.

Enjoy this Halloween Cats Picture Gallery. It may represent blood shed on the part of the proud cat lovers who contributed to it.

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Photo of Halloween Kitty SalemHalloween Cats Picture Gallery: Salem and FriendsPicture of Halloween Cat GusHalloween Cats Picture Gallery: GusPicture of Halloween Cat Mama BooHalloween Cats Picture Gallery: MamaBooPicture of Halloween Cat PiperHalloween Cats Picture Gallery: Piper
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