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Senior Cats Picture Gallery

Honoring Cats Living out Their Golden Years


If we are very lucky, all of our cats who share our homes will become seniors, and they will share long and happy lives with us. As they reach their golden years, they may become prone to many of the diseases of old age humans have, such as arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, and chronic renal failure. Senior cats are very wise and teach us lessons in acceptance as they stoically accept their frailties, along with the ministrations of those who love them and are loved by them.

Although many of our senior cats live with us their full lives, others are adopted by special people who can see beyond the kittens in the shelter to a cat who looks at them with knowing eyes. This special relationship between older cats and their human caregivers often gives these cats a new lease on life.

If you are a lucky person who loves and is loved by an older cat (10 or older), you can honor him or her by sending your photo, using the Photo Submittal Guidelines.

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Picture of happy senior cat RaleighSenior Cats Picture Gallery: Raleigh 2Picture of 14 year old Gypsy, senior catSenior Cats Picture Gallery: GypsyPicture of Senior Cat JezabelSenior Cats Picture Gallery: JezabelPicture of Senior Cat RaleighSenior Cats Picture Gallery: Raleigh
Picture of Senior Cat Sonny, 19 Years OldSenior Cats Picture Gallery: SonnyPicture of Sr. Cat Tweekers, at 12Senior Cats Picture Gallery: TweakersPicture of Senior Cat Kitty Von Rippen HiemerSenior Cats Picture Gallery: Kitty Von Rippen HiemerPicture of Annie, Senior cat age 20Senior Cats Picture Gallery: Annie
Picture of Senior Cat ZicoSenior Cats Picture Gallery: ZicoPicture of Senior Cat Skrufy "Killing" a WigSenior Cats Picture Gallery: SkrufyPicture of Senior Cat VetoSenior Cats Picture Gallery: VetoPicture of Senior Cats Vanity and ToriSenior Cats Picture Gallery: Vanity and Tori
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