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Olaf is prized on the forum, both for his beauty and courage.
Picture of Olaf, Special Needs Cat

Olaf, Special Needs Cat

© Olebrumm,Switzerland
Prince Magnus Olaf von Skarabrae is an all-white Skogkatt (more commonly known as a Norwegian Forest Cat in the United States) who lives in Geneva, Switzerland with his brother Fig and housemate Camillo. Olaf is completely deaf from birth.

He had fallen from my fourth floor window twice in two years because being deaf, he has a bit of an equilibrium deficit and has a faulty perception of depth, and consequently of danger. He barely survived his first fall because of the shock (he broke his back leg), and the second fall, he broke and deformed his rear left foot, making him waddle ever so slightly when he walks.

In addition, earlier this year, Olaf was diagnosed with the dreaded FIP, and has to be injected with Interferon once a week and is also on Prednisone.

It is very stressful for poor docile Ole to be undergoing so many medical procedures in his two years, not to mention taxing for me, but I will do anything and spare no expense for my sweet little prince who gives me so much love and joy in return.

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