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Special Needs Cats Picture Gallery: Snickel and Mickey

Snickel and Mickey Have IBD


This cat caregiver has an excellent partnership with her veterinarian; an absolute essential when caring for special needs cats.
Photo of Snickel and Mickey, Cats With IBD

Snickel and Mickey, Cats With IBD

Photo Credit: © devotedtomands

Mickey and Snickel are sister and brother, littermates, who I adopted when they were 4 weeks old in July of 2000. In June of 2009, both Mickey and Snickel started having diarrhea on and off. I took stool samples to the vet to test for parasites twice, about three weeks apart. Both stool samples tested negative for parasites. Our vet then had no idea what could be causing the diarrhea but gave me Fort-i-Flora to add to their wet food and had us try a prescription veterinary canned food. This did not stop the diarrhea. I then changed vets. I had heard very good things about my brother's vet, so I brought Mickey and Snickel to be seen by Dr. H. Dr. H. felt that Mickey and Snickel needed more fiber in their diet. He suggested I mix unflavored Metamucil into both cat's wet food. It took some increasing of the Metamucil dosage for both cats, but the last of the on and off diarrhea was on August 1, 2009.

Since August 1, 2009 both Mickey and Snickel have had "flare-ups" of the diarrhea. But the flare-ups have not been more than once per month per cat and have happened less as time has passed. At Mickey and Snickel's September 2009 annual physicals, Dr.H. and I discussed the possibility that both cats have IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). Dr. H. felt that IBD is definitely a possibility and so we are treating both Mickey and Snickel for it. We agreed that there would be no need to test both cats for the IBD if we could successfully treat the symptoms.

Between last year's annual physicals and this year's (coming up in September 2010), I slowly tapered both cats off of the Metamucil and started giving them canned plain pumpkin to replace it. Mickey still gets canned pumpkin every day, and has not had diarrhea in at least three months now. Snickel cannot have the pumpkin unless she has very loose stools or diarrhea because the pumpkin can cause her stools to become too dry. Dr. H. said he felt comfortable suggesting Miralax to help Snickel with her continuing dry stools. She is now alternating between Miralax and pumpkin. I love both Mickey and Snickel dearly and would do anything to help them stay happy and healthy. It was very hard on me seeing both cats ill and having the diarrhea, and it was exhausting cleaning the diarrhea off their little bottoms and the floors. But my love for Mickey and Snickel has grown so much through helping them get through the medical issues and they know they can count on me to take good care of them, especially when they're ill.
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