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Cat of the Week: Sesame

About Cats Email Photo Series


"Sesame has only came into my life for four months but I already fall head over heels for her. She's my strength and most reliable companion in lonely and boring school life in China. We call her Sesame cus of her pretty tabby coat, and in Chinese, sesame has an underlying meaning as small and tiny. That's our first impression when my boyfriend and I saw her crawling and meowing on a man who's selling her for 20RMB (approximately 2 American dollars) on the street. I thought he was selling mice! After quite a few visits to the vet and tons of help and support from your briiliant site and forum, Sesame now is an adorble, energetic, even a bit spoiled six-month-old. And, of course, we live happily ever after. These pictures were taken around 3-4 months with her fav buddy (besides me), "love-chan"."
- Sally Hsu

Photos used with permission of their owners.

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