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Cat Parenthood Pictures

Pictures of Cats Shared by Their Proud Cat Parents


Dedicated cat lovers consider our cats as members of our families, and take cat parenting as seriously as parents of human children. Indeed, for some of us, cats are our only children. Our readers share here pictures and stories of their cat "kids," as well as describing how they became cat parents in the first place. Cat parents are encouraged to share their cat pictures here. You may contribute to any or all of the cat parenthood picture galleries.

My First Cat Pictures

Picture of My First Cat, Hawkeye
Photo Credit: © LAURA, About.com Guest

Often, no cat is quite as memorable as our first cats, whether they were adopted as kittens or as older cats. Perhaps you were given a kitten as a child and you grew up together. Or, later in life you found yourself lonely, and took in a cat as a companion.

First Cat Pictures | Your First Cat

Cats As Family Members

Family Cat Pictures of Jewel and Oscar
Photo Credit: © ZakAllen, About.com Guest

I know of very few cat caregivers who do not describe their cats as "family." We even call ourselves "CatMoms" and "CatDads," and our cats are our "kids," "furkids," and "furfamily." Of such endearments is the feline-human bond woven. Although I may sometimes refer to cats as our "pets," I think of that term in the same vein as "sons" and "daughters." My cats and dogs have always been members of my family, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Family Cat Pictures | Your Family Cat Pictures

Temp to Perm Cat Pictures

Picture of Temp to Perm Cat, Houdini
Photo Credit: © karenmarek, About.com Member

I've noticed a common thread running through many stories about our cats - that of a temporary cat or kitten who stayed for life. It may have been an abandoned litter of kittens, foster kittens or cats who pawed their way into someone's heart, or the old "only until we find him a good home" routine so many of us are familiar with. I think of these cats' and kittens stories as "temp to perm." Readers share here their temp to perm cat pictures and stories.

Temp to Perm Cat Pictures | Your Temp to Perm Cat Picture

Accidental Cat Parents

Mishka and His Accidental Parent, John
Photo Credit: © Denise Tilbury, About.com Guest

It's amazing how many people who formerly preferred dogs, or just plain didn't like cats, became 'accidental cat parents.' Cats often have a way of tiptoeing into your heart when you least expect it. Perhaps a cat appeared outside your door on a rainy night. Or you went to an animal shelter to adopt a dog, and a paw reached out of a cage to grab your sleeve as you passed by the cats' area. Did a child (or a spouse) come home one day with a cat, pleading "Please, can we keep her?"

Accidental Cat Pictures | Your Accidental Cat Pictures

Men and Their Cats

Picture of Cat Man Roger and Mooch
Photo Credit: © Connie Stevens, About.com Guest

Men and the cats they love share a special bond which is like no other on this earth. You are the guys who are so secure in your personas that you don't feel threatened by the perceived "independence" of cats. You don't need a pet who will fall all over you to seek love, but one who will appreciate you as you are with no false expectations. You love your cats unconditionally, as they do you.

Pictures of Cat Men and Their Cats | Your Cat Man Picture

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