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Special Cats Picture Galleries

Pictures of Senior Cats, Special Needs Cats, Memorials, and Rescued Cats


While every cat picture is special to someone, there are a few categories of cat photo galleries that are extra special. Enjoy these pictures and stories of senior cats, special needs cats, pictures of cats rescued by special people, and picture memorials to some very special cats, then submit your own story and photos. Each gallery is created with an online form, which readers can use to write cats' stories and up to two photos.

1. Adopted Shelter Cats Picture Gallery

Picture of Adopted shelter cat Max
Photo Credit: © Nancy Brunette, About.com Guest

This picture gallery was envisioned as a visual way of promoting the adoption of shelter cats. So many people have tunnel vision focused on cat breeds, that they don't realize the uncountable rewards of giving a home to a cat who may die for the lack of a home. My readers rose to my challenge for pictures and stories of shelter and rescue cats they'd adopted.

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2. Special Needs Cats Picture Gallery

Picture of Milo, a Happy Deaf Cat
Photo Credit: © seashell32, About.com Guest

Special Needs Cats have a valid place in the overall scheme of things. They demonstrate the unique ability cats have to overcome what we humans would consider as "disabilities," and handle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and FIV, as well as amputation, blindness, and deafness, with amazing resilience and acceptance; certainly lessons we can profit from. This Special Needs Picture Album serves as a testament to the courage, spunk, and "catitude" exhibited by these special cats.

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3. Joy of Senior Cats Picture Gallery

Picture of Senior Cat Tiger
Photo Credit: © michaelgreason, About.com Member

If we are very lucky, all of our cats who share our homes will become seniors, and they will share long and happy lives with us. Senior cats have the wisdom of age, and teach us lessons in acceptance as they stoically accept their frailties, along with the ministrations of those who love them and are loved by them.

Although many of our senior cats live with us their full lives, others are adopted by special people who can see beyond the kittens in the shelter to a cat who looks at them with knowing eyes. This special relationship between older cats and their human caregivers often gives these cats a new lease on life.

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4. Memorials to Special Cats

Memorial Picture of Nellie
Photo Credit: © Nelletje, About.com Member

Creating a memorial to a cat you have loved and lost is a good way not only to honor your beloved kitty, but also to help you through the grieving process. These memorials speak for themselves of the bond between humans and cats that transcends life itself. This section will always be "in production," and your tributes to your own Special Cats are encouraged. It is always difficult to say "goodbye" to a cherished friend, and a tribute is one way of easing the pain while saluting the cats who have brought so much happiness to our lives.

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