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June Cat Calendar Featuring Bi-Colored Cats


Just as the May cat calendar was for black and white Tuxedo cats, June is symbolized by all other bi-colors, with the accent on the white. (Think of a June bride in white, standing out among her bridesmaids dressed in colors.) The bi-colored cats include "piebald," which generally limits the colored area to a spot on the head and the tip of the tail, however, we won't be that picky here. Enjoy these pictures of bi-colored cats in our June Cat Picture Calendar.
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Photo of Beautiful Van Pattern PippaBi-Color Cats Picture Gallery: PippaPicture of June Cat MingBi-Color Cats Picture Gallery: MingPicture of bi-color cat StuartBi-Color Cats Picture Gallery: StuartPicture of bi-color cat GrekoBi-Color Cats Picture Gallery: Greko
Picture of bi-color cat KittersBi-Color Cats Picture Gallery: KittersPicture of bi-color cat BeanerBi-Color Cats Picture Gallery: BeanerPicture of cat RenzBi-Color Cats Picture Gallery: RenzPicture of June Cat JasmineBi-Color Cats Picture Gallery: Jasmine
Picture of Bi-Colored Cat ChipperBi-Color Cats Picture Gallery: ChipperPicture of Bi-Colored Cat JamesBi-Color Cats Picture Gallery: JamesPicture of Bi-Colored Cat ToeieBi-Color Cats Picture Gallery: ToeiePicture of bi-colored kitten FigletBi-Color Cats Picture Gallery: Figlet
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