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Picture of Black Cat Tammy


Photo Credit: © Diane Shea
I was on my way home on Sunday November 8, 1998, when I spotted this beautiful little black kitty who seemed a little lost and confused. She was on the stairs of my 2nd floor apartment that I was renting at that time. She looked at me and meowed so sweetly, I was immediately struck by her beauty (she resembled a mini black panther with a shiny patent leather like fur coat) and her sweet expression. I assumed that she belonged to my neighbor on the 1st floor, as I had noticed food and water bowls near her door. The next morning, as I went out to drink my morning tea on my patio, I noticed this little black shiny ball of fur emerging from under the shelving of my neighbor's barbecue grill! I immediately picked her up in my arms and cuddled her to me. She clung to me and purred ever so loudly. I was hooked! I knew then that I wanted to adopt this kitty!

I checked with a few of my neighbors, and they did not know who owned the cat. So, I took her in and she has been with me since November 8, 1998. I brought her to a local veterinarian who pronounced her healthy and estimated her age to about six months. I felt blessed! Tammy has been by side now for eight years. She is my first rescued stray! She now has four siblings: Amberberry, Tara, Felix and Danielle!

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