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Tortoiseshell Cats Picture Gallery: Piper

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Piper is a beautiful girl, whatever her name.
Picture of Tortie Cat Piper

Tortie Cat Piper

© Jennifer R. Kerr
Prudence Raven "Piper" Maru Phoebe Dandelion Paige. We call her Piper, and sometimes Pipey or Pipe for short.

She is a Long-hair Tortoiseshell Burmese and she is exactly what "Tortitude" describes. She is impish, playful, loving, humorous, naughty at times, too clever, and totally delightful. She loves to lay around the house (especially on clothes that have just recently been taken out of the dryer), drink water straight from the faucet (and sometimes the toilet!), chase bugs of all kinds, be very picky about almost everything, and getting in trouble is her favorite past-time.

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