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Cats Picture Calendar Roundup

Featuring Different Color or Pattern Cats for Each of the 12 Months


Several years ago an About.com Cats Forum member likened tortoiseshell cats to the lovely colors of the fall. One thing led to another, and a cats picture calendar was born, with each month featuring a different color or color pattern of cats. The galleries continue to grow with reader-submitted photos. You'll find black cats for October, red cats for December, tuxedos for May - a different type of cat for each month of the year. Enjoy these colorful cat pictures, then consider submitting yours.

January Blue / Silver Cat Picture Calendar

Photo of beautiful Anatarina, a Russian Blue cat
Photo Credit: © Shirley Jedele
Although December marks the start of Winter, January epitomizes that season with snow, sleet, and ice. The color of the month for January is silver and solid blue cats, reflecting the colors of icicles hanging from the roof, frozen ponds, and the cool blue color of the sky.

Enjoy these photos of our January blue cats, whose soft, warm, cuddly appearances belie the cold month they represent.

February White Cats Picture Gallery

Picture of Shimmer, a White Kitten
Photo Credit: © Kathy Michinock
February is the last big push of winter, and represents the glistening snow that blankets the budding crocuses beneath. You won't feel cold at all, though, with a white February cat to warm your heart and your lap. Our February white cats reflect the pristine brilliance of snow, along with the purity of their souls.

A bit of genetic trivia about all-white cats: Most of them with blue eyes are deaf, however odd-eyed cats (one blue and one green or yellow) either have full hearing, or are deaf only in the ear closest to the blue eye.

Enjoy these photos of stunning white cats, and consider submitting your own.

March Tabby Cats Picture Calendar

Picture of Piper, a Gray Tabby Cat
Photo Credit: © Joan
March marks the first month of Spring, when the earth is rich with promises of things to be. Tabby cats are almost as old as Mother earth herself, and are the epitome of Catness in all its wonder and glory. This month we salute our Tabby Cat friends as the cats for March's Cat Picture Calendar with dozens of pictures of Tabbies.

April Cream Cats Picture Calendar

Muffin, a Cream Cat
Photo Credit: © Claire Morgan
April is a transitional month. It hasn't decided if it is really Spring yet, but also surprises us now and then with warm days that sneak a hint of things to come. April is the month of old buttermilk skies, Easter Egg hunts, and cotton candy dresses on little girls. April is also for pale yellow and cream colored cats, epitomizing that secret yearning for summer sun.

May Tuxedo Cats Picture Calendar

Picture of Tuck, a Tuxedo Cat
Photo Credit: © Ron Sherowsky
Black and white cats are like snowflakes: you'll never see any two with identical markings, but Tuxedos usually have some form of a white "V" on the chest-- very formal and striking. Our May Cats Picture Calendar is dedicated to Tuxedo cats and other black-and-white cats because... well, just because. Maybe for the Spring Prom tuxedos, although I'm sure my readers can figure out some better justifications. Enjoy these pictures of striking tuxedo cats.

June Bi-Colored Cats Picture Calendar

Ming, a Red and White Bi-Colored Cat
Photo Credit: © Liza Villamor
Just as the May cat calendar was for black and white Tuxedo cats, June is symbolized by all other bi-colors, with the accent on the white. (Think of a June bride in white, standing out among her bridesmaids dressed in colors.) Enjoy these pictures of bi-colored cats in our June Cat Picture Calendar.

July Calico Cats Picture Calendar

Callie, a Calico Cat
Photo Credit: © Ronald Sherowsky
Calico cats represent the brilliant rainbow of colors in a sunny July day. Of all cat color patterns, Calicos are perhaps the loveliest with their tri-colored exuberance. Although most Calicos are females because of genetics, the rare male does sometimes pop up, as you will see in this calico cats picture album.

August Domestic Cats Picture Calendar

Elizabeth, a Lovely Domestic Tabby  Cat
Photo Credit: © William McDuffie
While many cat breeds are popular among their aficionados, my favorite "breed," and that of many of my readers, is the so-called domestic cat, also known affectionately as moggie, alley-cat, or what is called in cat shows that include them, "household pet." We've set aside August to celebrate our beloved domestic cats.

Don't forget, you can submit your own photos for consideration for any of these calendar months.

September Assorted Cat Breeds Picture Calendar

Picture of Meika, a Tonkinese Cat
Photo Credit: © LeAnn Silberman
September is a month of variety in both climate and activities. It is still warm enough for summer activities, while cooler evenings bring a hint of fall. It is a perfect month from celebrating a variety of cat breeds, and we dedicate the September Cats Picture Calendar to photos of a number of pedigreed cats of several breeds.

October Black Cats Picture Calendar

Picture of O, a Stunning Black Cat
Photo Credit: © E (The Vowels)
October has almost always been known as Black Cat Month, and our photo calendar would not be complete without photos of sleek black cats. Here are photos of October cats submitted by About Cats readers for your pleasure. Enjoy the Black Cats Picture Gallery.

November Tortie Cats Picture Calendar

Coco, a Tortie with "Tortitude"
Photo Credit: © Pat Wolesky
November is for tortoiseshell ladies, because they are cloaked in the lovely colors of fall. They may be brilliant in color, or muted, like a maple tree in a misty dawn.

Torties share a common personality trait, so unique to tri-colored cats that it's called "tortitude." Pat, a tortie fan (and personal slave) describes it beautifully, as "an "over the top" personality: impish, playful, loving, humorous, naughty at times, too clever, and totally delightful."

Let's take a stroll through this rainbow of colorful tortie beauties, each one reminiscent of a pile of maple leaves glowing in the crisp fall air.

December Red Cats Picture Calendar

Stranded aka Strandy
Photo Credit: © Gina Guion
Join us in extolling the virtues of red cats, but don't be surprised if some of them appear to be yellow or orange. Why are yellow cats called "red?" Beats me, but maybe a geneticist can explain it. In the meantime, cozy up with your cat by the fireside. They're all beautiful, whether you call them "ginger," marmelade," orange, red, or "flame."

We celebrate red cats in our December Picture Calendar, but we love them year-round. December is a great month for snuggling with your cat in front of a crackling fire, particularly if your cat mirrors the colors of the flames. And of course we can't forget that December cats are red for the color of Christmas stockings and Santa's suit, as well as the color of the flames on Hanukkah candles.

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