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Cat Monthly Picture Calendar Guide

List by Month of Cat Colors and Types Featured Each Month on About.com


Each month one cat color, color pattern, or type, is featured on Cats.About.com. Each week, one cat is selected for the Cat Picture of the week, from the Show and Tell picture gallery of the month. Each gallery includes a form to use to brag about your cat, and a simple upload tool for publishing two photos.

You do not have to wait until your designated month to submit your picture stories. You are welcome to submit to any of our Show and Tell cat picture galleries year-round.

1. January: Adopted Shelter Kittens

Adopted Shelter Kitten, Callie
Photo Credit: © gina, About.com Guest
Adopted shelter kittens and kittens from rescues can make the very best lifelong companions. During 'kitten season' shelters are overflowing with kittens to choose from. You can help free up shelter space for more needy cats by adopting two or more kittens. Share your adopted kitten photos and stories here.

2. February: White Cats

White Cat, Charlie
Photo Credit: © Liz G., About.com Guest
We celebrate white cats in February, because their pristine, snow-white coloring reminds us of the snow in February. This also accounts for the many white cats named Snowball or Snowy. White cats have long been loved for their pristine beauty. Their snow-white brilliance, often coupled with blue, green, or golden eyes makes them stand out among multi-colored cats, such as tabbies, calicoes, and tortoiseshells.

3. March: Tabby Cats

Photo of tabby cat Katie Kat
Photo Credit: © Heidi Grundeland
Tabbies are so ubiquitous that many people think of them as a breed. Not so; the tabby is a color pattern - most often stripes, but sometimes stripes and whorls, or even spots and stripes. The tabby pattern is so popular that it can be found in many pedigreed cats today.

4. April: Special Needs Cats

Picture of Beanie, a Blind Special Needs Cat
© Bradley Jacoby
Special needs cats, or "other-abled" cats often need special care, and are all the more special to their caregivers. They may have been born with special needs, contracted retroviruses such as FIV or fELv, or lost limbs through accident, cruelty, or amputation. Blind or deaf cats may have come that way at birth, through malnutrition or disease, or by other means. The one thing all special needs cats share is the fact that they can be loving, active cats, despite what we humans might call "disabilities.

5. May: Tuxedo Cats

Picture of Tuxedo Cat, Prince
Photo Credit: © Wilda L. Duncan
Tuxedo cats' striking colors: all black, with a white bib and sometimes white boots, have almost become a classic among cat lovers, and "tuxies" are favored worldwide. Here's a profile of tuxedo cat pattern, which describes common characteristics of Tuxedo Cats.

6. June: Adopted Shelter Cats

Adopted Shelter Cat Bella
Photo Credit: © Lisa P.
In my experience, adopted shelter cats and cats from rescues make the very best lifelong companions. Shelter cats may be facing a death sentence, or languishing in a cage for months on end. The odds are in favor of the cute kittens, but while they may readily find homes, the older cats are often left in the shadows. They may be the ones you'll see gazing forlornly from the back corner of their cages, or sometimes thrusting a hopeful paw through the cage bars.

7. July: Calico Cats

Calico Cats Mira and Roxie
Photo Credit: © Jan Lewis

Calico cats's tri-color patches come in as many variations as snowflakes. Read the profile of the Calico that describes common characteristics of colorful Calico Cats. We celebrate calico cats in July, as their dilute colors remind us of the flag, and their sassy spirit is fitting for an Independence Day celebration.

8. August: Domestic Cats

Picture of Domestic Cat Bella Blom
Photo Credit: © Cristina Blom
Domestic cats are rich in history, and there is no one-size-fits-all description of them. In many polls, domestic cats lead all "breeds" in popularity. Cat lovers who share their homes with moggies are intensely devoted and loyal to these cats, who are in turn, intensely loyal to the humans who care for them. Here's a profile of the breed that describes common characteristics of Domestic Cats / Mixed Breed Cats.

9. September: Senior Cats

Picture of Senior Cat Raleigh
Photo Credit: © HOSTPat

Whether you watched your senior cat grow from kittenhood to his Golden Years, or you adopted an already "seasoned" cat, the relationship with an older cat is one to treasure and learn from. Older cats have much to teach us about acceptance and grace during aging.

While November is the official Adopt a Senior Cat Month, at About.com we also celebrate our furrie "oldies" in September, maybe because they remind us of the September song. They give us so much joy year-round, that we should really honor them all year.

10. October: Black Cats

Picture of Black Cat Piggle
Photo Credit: © Guest, Hayley
While black cats are sometimes feared by people who are not "in the know," others who share their homes with black cats love them unconditionally. If you are in the latter category, or love black cats, but don't currently have one, here's your chance to help educate the public about the value of black cats. A form is provided for your use, and you are encouraged to upload one or two photos of your own black cats.

11. November: Tortoiseshell Cats

Photo of Tortoiseshell Cat Katy
Photo Credit: © Janet Dobbs, About.com Guest

Tortoiseshell cats are wildly popular, along with their sister cats, the calicoes. Their colorful tri-color coat patterns, along with their unique personality, fondly called "tortitude" makes them a favorite among cat lovers.

We celebrate torties in November, because they are cloaked in the lovely colors of fall.

12. December: Red Cats

Picture of my Own Big Red Cat Jaspurr
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
Red cats range in shades from the palest beige to the most vibrant dark orange, and can be either shorthair or longhair. They are most often male, but many red female cats can be found. They have warm, loving personalities, but also can be very strong-willed, and are often the alpha cat in a household. We celebrate red cats in December because their color reminds us of cozy fireplaces and holiday colors.
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