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Top Treats for Cats

Special Treats for Special Cats


We all love special treats, and cats are no exception. Cat treats are wonderful as rewards for taking medicine, to conceal the medicine itself, for special applications, such as dental treats or hairball treats, for clicker-training, or for sprinkling on regular food to entice a sick cat to eat. These are my top picks for favorite treats.

1. Tuna Flakes - Bonita Tuna Flakes

Variously marketed as "tuna flakes, "bonita tuna flakes," and "Kitty Kaviar," and referred to irreverantly by some of us as "kitty krack," these treats are like ambrosia to cats. My cats go absolutely nuts over them, and I have to hide the containers to prevent them from serving themselves. Generally sold by pet supply stores in 1/4 or 1/2 ounce containers, and I'm told they can be purchased in bulk in some oriental food markets.
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2. Pawbreakers, the Candy for Cats

Picture of cat enjoying PawBreakers Edible Catnip Candy
Photo Credit: © Brett Buchanan - Edible Animal Treats

Pawbreakers was an ingenious invention: high-quality catnip bound into a hard, edible ball, that is both a toy and a treat. My cats love Pawbreakers, but the downside is that they may often be found cavorting with dust-bunnies under a sofa or refrigerator. Be sure to keep spares on hand.

3. Pill Pockets for Cats

Pill Pockets is another marvelous invention. No more trying to mold a crumbly piece of cheese around a pill in the hopes your cat will get the pill along with the cheese. These are cone-shaped, tasty, soft treats with a hole down the center. Just pop the pill inside and pinch the top closed, and offer it to your cat. I give them occasionally as plain treats so the cats won't be unduly suspicious when pill time comes around. Be sure to refrigerate them, as they lose shape in very warm climates.
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4. Halo Liv-a-Littles

Halo Liv-a-Littles are freeze-dried treats for cats and dogs, and come in assorted flavors, including beef, chicken, and codfish. My Jenny loves these treats, and I'm hoarding them for clicker training treats.

5. Petrodex Dental Treats for Cats

Petrodex Dental Treats for Cats aid in preventing plaque and tartar accumulation in cats' teeth. Freeze-Dried Fish give a tempting flavor, and a textured outer casing provides cleansing action. Along with brushing and rinsing, Petrodex Dental Treats complete an at-home plan for maintaining sound teeth and gums in your cat.

6. Pounce Crunch Variety Pack Dental Treats

Pounce has been favored by cats for years, and this variety pack contains three pouches: Catnip, Chicken & Turkey, and Tuna & Salmon, each with a crunchy texture that helps guard against the buildup of tartar.
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Let's Hear From You!

Have you had good or bad experiences with any of these top picks, or do you have suggestions for other, better treats for cats? Join the discussion and let's hear your opinion.
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