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Cat Videos to Enjoy

Enjoy these wonderful YouTube videos about cats. Some are educations, some are purely for enjoyment, but I think you'll find something to fit your taste among my picks.

Cat Videos on About.com
The About.com Video Team uses professional video producers to provide a visual supplement to About.com Cats content. These cat videos give the viewer a look at live cats demonstrating various cat topics.

Persion Princess Gets a Lions Cut
Our 13 year old Persian cat needed some mats removed on her chest. The technician asked if she could do a Lion's Cut...I thought it would be cute. It wasn't so cute, and our Persian Princess was not happy.

Catman2 - Cats Without Cages YouTube Video
Catman2 is a unique cats-only shelter in western NC, owned and operated by Dr. Harold Sims, a retired biology professor. Enjoy this documentary YouTube video, taking you through a tour of this one-of-a-kind cat shelter.

Noah at the Ark
Noah is a young, adorable, tailless kitten recently adopted from the Ark Shelter in Huntsville, Alabama. Watch him playing energetically with a laser toy in this YouTube video, then consider adopting your own shelter cat.

The Christmas Cat Diaries
These cats have a great time with a red Christmas bow to the tune of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Great holiday fun for cat lovers.

Mouse Chase
Watch this funny YouTube video of Tink the kitten chasing the remote-controlled mechanical mouse. Or is the mouse chasing Tink?

Do You Know This Cat?
Internationally-known cat Betsy is looking for her owner. Betsy was living rough on the streets of Richmond, London England when the kind lady who had been feeding her brought her into Kitten to Cats Veterinary Clinic. What Betsy really wants though is her real home, if not with her original owners, then with a loving adopted mum. Watch this video of Betsy playing in the clinic with veterinarian Zeta Fresca.

Cat House on the Kings
The CatHouse on the Kings YouTube video, filmed by Jack Perez, is an amazing video about an even more amazing cat sanctuary. Founded by Lynea Lattanzio, cats and dogs are able to roam freely through a beautifully maintained fenced 12 acre outdoor area with plenty of trees for shade (and climbing), a pond with a fountain and free access in and out of the main house. Over 16,000 cats have come and gone through this wonderland since its founding 16 years ago.

Domestic Shorthair Cat Profile
JJSOM offers a captivating video documentary on the domestic shorthair cat, describing his daily activities with insightful humor. The gray tabby with tuxedo markings cooperates fully in 'acting out' this well-filmed profile.

Play it Again, Nora
Nora, a lovely gray tabby cat, obviously has a love for the piano, and actually does a very credible job of playing it, solo or in a duet. She doesn't limit her key-boarding to her paws, but utilizes her muzzle for some astounding chords.

YouTube Video: Baby Loves her Vacuuming
Vacuuming a cat is a very good way to keep him free of loose hair that can cause mats, spread dander allergens, and stick all over your clothing and furniture. Surprisingly enough, some cats actually love to be vacuumed once they learn the noise doesn't hurt them. Evidence of this little idiosyncrasy is demonstrated by this YouTube video by Grimace of his cat, Baby, being vacuumed, and coming back for more!

Could you Kill this Cat?
Alley Cat Allies is the leader in the effort to save feral cats by giving them the recognition they need as cats deserving more than death. This YouTube video provides a vividly convincing argument toward that goal.

Toilet Paper Play
While some cat owners may view cats' propensity to shred toilet paper roll after roll as a behavioral problem, others look at it as an amusing example of cats' quirkiness. Enjoy this YouTube video by kridley66 of her cat Stinky methodically shredding a roll of toilet paper.

The Mean Kitty's Story
Mean Kitty's Story is a YouTube video by Cory Williams, SMP Films, telling the story of how Sparta, the kitten featured in his tremendously popular video, "The Mean Kitty Song" entered his life.

Mean Kitty Song Video
View the popular YouTube Video, "Mean Kitty Song," by Cory Williams, SMP Films.

Clicker Training YouTube Video
Richard Norton teaches his Bengal Cat cat Zimba to operate a light switch through the use of clicker training operant conditioning.

Video: Cat Giving Birth
One of the common excuses for allowing a pet cat to give birth is 'I want my children to experience the miracle of birth.' This woman has done exactly that, and videotaped the occasion for the world to see.

Cat Bath Video
Watch this YouTube video with complete instructions on giving a cat a bath, created by X10LUG and featuring his Ragdoll cat, Jangles.

Video: Young Cat in Heat
Readers often ask me if their cat is in heat, listing descriptions of her physical activities. This YouTube video vividly captures the flirty behavior of Sadie, a young cat who was spayed shortly after this video was filmed.

Bob, the Cat, Gets a Handle on Dental Care
Bob the cat enjoys brushing his own teeth with a battery-powered toothbrush. Enjoy watching his enthusiasm with the brush, and consider buying your cat his own toothbrush.

Clicker Training Video
Richard Norton lives in Norway and raises Bengal cats. He is also an expert at clicker training, as witnessed by the video of this first lesson with a very young kitten. Richard is developing the click as a conditioned stimulus for operant behavior. In English, click, give a treat. In time, the kitten will learn to do some required action in order to get the click, treat.

The Wobblies' Purr Party
These three wobbly shelter kittens purr up a storm in their basket. Enjoy this video, among others on my site.

Zora Ignores Jello
This shelter kitten afflicted with cerebellar hypoplasia is having a great time playing with the tail of another shelter cat. Cats teach us many things, and their ready acceptance and adaptations to their afflictions are lessons for all of us.

Edwidge Dandicat and the Snuggle Bear
Edwidge and the Snuggle Bear is a poignet YouTube video of a tiny shelter kitten snuggling with a soft toy bear. Viewers will be happy to know that Edwidge has found a forever home.

Cat Brushing Video
Brushing cats is one of the best ways to prevent hairballs and painful mats. This YouTube video captures a normally shy cat seriously enjoying her brushing.

If you're a cat lover, this may be the longest one-minute video you'll ever watch. As a public service to educate cat owners, bunktrudy filmed his cat, Dave, in the throes of an asthma attack.

Kitty Flush Video
This cat video has been making the rounds, and it's no wonder. The sight of a cat repeatedly flushing a toilet and then watching the water disappear down the bowl is outrageously funny. There are several stories behind the various renditions of this video, but the most common theme has to do with a high water bill.

Don't Declaw the Cat
Richard Hunter thinks messing around with nature is wrong, and he sings a compelling argument against declawing cats in this YouTube video. Three beautiful cats are featured in this film, along with the background song.

Free-Wheeling Cat Video
This YouTube Cat Video is an excellent example of creativity. Richard Norton is a genius at inventing gadgets for cats. This treat-rewarded exercise wheel gives his Bengal cats plenty of exercise.

Keyboard Kitten Video
You will get a laugh at this Bengal kitten practicing his clavichord techniques in this great YouTube video by Richard Norton

Chitter-Chatter Cats Video
View this You Tube Video by Richard Norton of two Bengal cats chattering at a bird outside the window.

Cat Head Theatre Video
Enjoy this creative and amusing video by Naked Rabbit, giving a hilarious rendition of Shakespeare as done by a cat.

Cat Videos
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