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YouTube Video: Cat Giving Birth

Explicit video - preview before showing to children


One of the common excuses for allowing a pet cat to give birth is "I want my children to experience the miracle of birth." If you are tempted to subscribe to this notion, spay your cat and have your children watch this video first. It might be best to preview it first, though and protect impressionable children from the final scene. The ending is heartbreaking, however, as the sympathetic producer of this video explains, it is about life and death. Irresponsible people who allow their cats to breed indiscriminately are not only contributing to the overwhelming cat overpopulation problem, they are often without resources to if a cat or its kitten run into problems during birth. If you feel you MUST expose your child to the "miracle of birth," show him or her this video, then explain how sometimes not all babies make it. If your child is old enough, you could segue into a discussion about the value of spaying and neutering pet cats.

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