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Top 2 Cat Urine Spraying Prevention Products


Pheromone-based training products work by mimicking the natural pheromones found in cats. When sprayed in the environment where cats have typically exhibited marking behavior, they will curb the impulse to spray as a territorial-marking behavior. Ideally, surfaces should be cleaned of all traces of scent before using these products.

1. Farnam Feliway Feline Behavior Modification Spray

Feliway works by the use of a "friendly" pheromone, which mimics cats' natural facial pheromones, thus producing a calming effect to discourage further marking. Feliway is also useful in calming cats under stress conditions, such as moving or introduction of new cats, and has also been said to be helpful in discouraging inappropriate scratching. Feliway comes in the original spry and a new Comfort Zone Plug-In, for whole room treatment (see review).

2. No-Mark Spray

A proprietary blend includes feline pheromones, garlic and clove extracts, and sodium laurel sulfates. The non-aerosol spray spray is said to be odorless to humans, but effective in discouraging territorial spraying by cats. This product should be tested in an inconspicuous place before using on fabrics.
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