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Clicker Training Cats for Fun and Safety

Anyone involved in clicker training their cats will readily tell you that it is not only fun for cats and their humans, but also important training for safety reasons. Need to get a cat in his carrier quickly? Clicker train him. Does he try to slip out the door? Clicker train him. Learn all about clicker training here.

Review - Clicker Training for Cats - Fun Kit
Clicker training for cats is widely accepted as the ultimate training tool for cats, belying the sometimes held assumption that it is only used for "teaching tricks." Karen Pryor, a behavioral biologist, is an acknowledged leader in clicker training for cats.

Clicker Basics: What is Clicker Training?
Karen Pryor is the acknowledged leader in clicker training for cats. This page from her Clickertraining.com web site explains what clicker training is all about.

Cat-Clicker Maillist
Cat-Clickers is a Yahoo group for anyone interested in clicker training cats. The group brainstorms and shares their successes and occasional backslides. Join by sending an email to Cat-Clicker-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

ICAT - International Cat Agility Tournaments
Dogs no longer have a monopoly over agility training courses. ICAT is sponsoring tournements all over the U.S., where you can test your cat's agility over his peers. Clicker training, of course, is the key here.

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