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What Breed is my Cat?


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Cat Breeds vs Cat Color Patterns
Photo of Samson, a Red Classic Tabby DMH Cat

Samson, a Red Classic Tabby DMH Cat

Photo Credit: © Nancy West

Hardly a day passes that I don't receive at least one email with an attached photo, asking me to help identify the "breed" of a cat. The correspondent is sometims disappointed when my reply is, "Your cat is a beautiful example of a tuxedo DSH," or "What a lovely dilute calico domestic shorthair cat." At other times, they just want to know what to reply to "What kind of cat is that?"

Most cat breeds allow several different colors or color patterns under their breed standards. However, just because a particular Persian cat is a calico, it does not fall that all longhair calico cats are Persians. Nor are all shorthair black cats with golden or copper eyes Bombay cats.

Because there seems to be such a general fixation on breeds, the purpose of this article is to clarify the difference between cat breeds, and cat colors and color patterns, so that the uninitiated cat lover will have a better understanding of these terms.

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