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Crises with Cats - Emergencies

Here is help for those sudden crises we all dread so much, such as missing or sick cats.

Caveat: If your cat is very sick (lethargic, not eating, experiencing vomiting or diarrhea), do not waste time with research. See an emergency veterinarian immediately.
  1. Emergencies/First Aid
  2. Loss and Grieving
  3. Disaster (6)
  4. Lost and Found (8)

Loss of Cats Due to Negligence
Nothing is more frightening to a cat lover than to let an indoor-only cat escape to the outdoors. And to lose all four cats through carelessness is terrifying. Read and learn from this true story.

Winter Storm Survival Kit for Cats
While there are hazards in almost every season, prolonged freezing winter storms are one of the worst, especial with loss of electricity. Learn how to protect your cats from such an eventuality.

How Do You Prepare Your Cats For An Icy Winter Storm
Share your advice with other cat lovers for preparing indoor cats against an icy winter storm which might include a long-lasting power outage. Your tips could help save the lives of other cats, so use this easy form to give your best advice.

Help Your Cat Beat the Heat
As smaller mammals, cats are even more susceptible to humans to heat exhaustion and/or heatstroke, a potentially fatal condition. Learn how to keep your cat cool during summertime heatwaves.

Antifreeze Poisoning in Cats
Antifreeze poisoning is one of the most common forms of poisoning in small animals, and this is because it is so commonly found in households. Antifreeze poisoning typically happens when antifreeze drips from a car’s radiator, where it is then licked off the ground and ingested by an animal. Learn the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and more about antifreeze poisoning in cats from this article b…

Financial Help for Pets' Veterinary Emergencies

Responsible cat caregivers want to be prepared for the costs of veterinary emergencies, either with veterinary pet insurance, or savings set aside for that purpose. However, vet emergencies often happen when least expected, and job loss, family illness, or other financial crises sometimes come in tandem with those emergencies involving family cats.

Provided here is a resource list of age…

Keeping Cats Safe
Some people scoff at what they perceive as "overly-protective" cat caregivers. I'd ask these folks, "Would you allow your toddler to play outdoors unsupervised? Would you leave your medicine cabinet unlocked, or let her play with rubber bands, paper clips, and thumb tacks?" "Do you have a first-aid kit for those times she needs patching up?"

Taking care of our cats is similar to caring for our …

FAQ - Where can I find an electronic cat-finder
Technology is improving and there is an electronic cat-finder presently on the market. A reader who had found mention of it on the About Cats site wanted to know more. Read my reply to this FAQ.

Essential Oils and Cats: A Potentially Toxic Mix
In recent years, compelling evidence has accumulated that essential oils can be toxic to cats, whether taken internally, applied to the skin, or simply inhaled. Learn more about essential oils and aromatherapy, and where and how they can be used safely.

How To Assemble a First Aid Kit for Cats
There will be times when you can't get your cat to the veterinarian right away, or her condition might warrant emergency first aid treatment before the trip. Be prepared, with your Feline First Aid Kit.

My Cat Ran Away
In order to find your cat, you need to consider the possible reasons for his absence, many of them distressful. However, this is the time to set aside emotions and to rationally evaluate the possibilities, with an appropriate action for each.

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