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Debunking Myths About Spay & Neuter

Many cat owners rely on myths about spay & neuter as excuses for their failure to spay or neuter their own pet cats. These web pages do a good job of debunking those old myths.

Is Spay and Neuter of Pets Morally Wrong - Your Opinions Can …
Is spay and neuter of pets morally wrong? Do you think it a violation of God's law? Or is your opinion that it is inhumane to allow the pain and suffering of cats' giving birth to one litter after another, either in a home environment or in the homes, streets, and wooded areas around the world. You may share your opinion on the form provided here.

"God Told me Not to Spay & Neuter my Cats"
One of the most astonishing arguments I've ever read against the practice of the spay/neuter of cats is based on religious grounds. Shared here are blog comments debating the religious vs humane aspects of the spay and neuter of pet cats. You are encouraged to state your own views on the "moral" aspects of spay and neuter in the provided form.

The City of Calgary: Spaying or Neutering Your Cat
Do you still subscribe to the myth that a female cat should have one heat and one litter before being spayed? The City of Calgary Animal and Bylaw Services handily lays rest to that old myth.

Spay and Neuter Myths
Think your cat will get fat and lazy if s/he is spayed or neutered? The Louisian SPCA counters that argument in short order.

Myths about Spaying and Neutering
So you think you can find good homes for all the kittens you want your cat to bear? The Sacramento SPCA gives some valid arguments against that particular myth.

Myths about Spay/Neuter
Dr. Rich Allen, of Best Friends, rebutts the idea that the offspring of a one-in-a-million cat will be exactly as wonderful as that particular cat.

Dispelling The Myths of Spay/Neuter
David W. Zanders, D.V.M., writing for the Feral Cat Coalition debunks the "good old boy" protest that male cats will be "missing something" by being castrated, with humor and truth.

Myths and Facts About Spaying and Neutering
Is allowing children to witness the miracle of birth a good reason to delay spay & neutering of cats? The HSUS counters this argument with cold facts.

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