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"God Told me Not to Spay & Neuter my Cats"

Spay & Neuter Debate: Religion vs Humane Considerations


One of the most astonishing arguments I've ever read against the practice of the spay/neuter of cats is based on religious grounds.

Shared here are blog comments debating the religious vs humane aspects of the spay and neuter of pet cats. You are encouraged to state your own views on the "religious" versus "humane aspects of spay and neuter in the provided form. Note: Please do not ask questions or reply to another user. Think of it as your own mini-article on the S/N debate, so give your very best argument to support your own views.

"Fixing Cats" is Morally Wrong

Rescued Abandoned Cat and Kittens
Photo Credit: © Dick Olsen

"Having your animals fixed is morally wrong. Playing God is not our place. If you really love your pets, say NAY to Spay!"

Visit a High-Kill Shelter

You need to visit behind the scenes at a high-kill animal shelter on the days the excess cats are euthanized. I believe many of them use a gas chamber. You've got no idea of the suffering and tragedy of homeless cats.

Humans turned cats into domestic animals. It is an artificial condition where the population can actually thrive too much. Wild animals do not thrive out of control like this because they have to contend with food scarcity, disease, predators and being at the mercy of the elements. Do I need to tell you that death at a young age is how the wild population is naturally controlled?

Spaying and neutering is the choice of rational, informed owners. It is the only way to avoid the suffering of unwanted kittens.

Shelters Have to Stop the Killing

Carlie you are right about what you say. Do not listen to these people who go against nature. Just because the animals get euthanized and put in gas chambers does not mean we have to spay and neuter the animals. It means that they have to stop killing them.

God Would Have Us Do What is Best

In addition to controlling overpopulation and eliminating the terrible discomfort and other problems brought on by heat cycles in females and hormone production in males, spaying and neutering can help prevent many diseases. Some of these diseases are fatal - various cancers of the reproductive system, for example. Why allow an animal to suffer or die when it doesn’t have to?

God cares for the sparrows and the lilies of the field; your pets and your children are given to you by Him for your care. Perhaps spaying or neutering a pet is "playing God," but only in the sense that doing what is best for those in your charge is what God would have us do.

Interfering With God's Grand Plan

You should let the Lord's will take its course. Otherwise, you're interfering with his grand plan. Besides, do you really enjoy seeing animals go through the pain of being fixed?

Do You Leave Everything to God?

Oh please be rational. You haven't a slightest clue how much suffering is involved in cat overpopulation.

My female cats had just one day of feeling down post-surgery. It's dramatically less invasive for males. This is nothing compared to the discomfort of a lifetime of heat cycles, getting pregnant, carrying and giving birth to kittens.

Are you incapable of imagining what it is like for an unwanted cat to sit for weeks in a cage in a miserable shelter to be finally euthanized by a gas chamber?

Do you just lie back and leave everything to god? Your grocery shopping, your retirement savings? You’re picking and choosing what you want to take responsibility for and I can't let that irrational approach go unchallenged.

Spay/Neuter a Crime in Saudi Arabia

Letting God/Allah do his work without inter-fearence is very common in most other parts of the world. Spaying/neutering is unheard of in more remote locations around the globe. Whatever your view, keep in mind that your view (either one) may not be well received and, in some places like Saudi Arabia, a crime. Hope this helps.
Khalid in DC.

Killing for Food is Okay but S/N Isn't?

I admit I am not a religious scholar, but I do understand completely that my views are not shared by every major religion around the world.

However, practically every culture around the world has no qualms about killing animals for meat and other uses. I am completely mystified that these same people are so vehemently opposed to spaying and neutering pets.

Am I the only one who thinks these two beliefs are conflicting? Why is it alright to kill and eat a cow, but it's disgusting and abhorrent to prevent your cat from having kittens? Killing is okay but surgery isn't?

Could someone please tell me which religious text or religious leader explicitly commands that we do not spay & neuter our pets?

Does "Thou Shall Not Kill" Ring a Bell?

In response to June's comment, "Could someone please tell me which religious text or religious leader explicitly commands that we do not spay & neuter our pets? Seriously. I have never heard of this before."

Does "Thou Shall Not Kill" ring a bell?

By fixing animals and altering God’s divine plan, we are 1) Playing God and 2) Killing potential life.

It's very clear to most.
C. Blumpkein

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