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Declawing and Humane Alternatives

Declawing is outlawed in many European countries, but in the United States and Canada is still considered a viable surgical procedure by many veterinarians, while advocates for cats consider it an inhumane and unnecessary form of mutilation. These articles will help you make an informed decision about declawing your cat.

Readers' Choice Awards Nomination: Best Anti-Declaw Website
This year, among other awards, the About.com Readers' Choice Awards will honor the best Website advocating against the declawing of cats. You may nominate up to five websites with a fill-in-the-blanks form.

Humane Alternatives to Declawing Cats

Through education, declawing cats has fallen out of favor with many enlightened cat caregivers. However, as long as many veterinarians offer declaw at the same time as neutering, uneducated cat owners will continue to have their cats declawed. The problem lies in the fact that the vets do not offer humane alternatives at the same time.

If you have any thoughts at all about the possibility o…

Declawing and Humane Alternatives
The physiology of this inhumane surgery and some alternatives that work.

Top Reasons Not to Declaw a Cat
If you are thinking of declawing a cat, or a veterinarian suggests declawing at the same time as neutering, before you make a decision for non-reversible surgery, please consider these reasons NOT to declaw.

Why do you oppose declawing for destructive scratching?
This reader brings up a common argument: "As my veterinarian put it: for many people the alternative option is destruction of the animal." Read my reply to this specious argument.

Declawing As Seen by a Shelter Volunteer
Guest article on declawing by Colleen, a volunteer at a major humane society.

How to Manage Your Cat's Claws
Fortunately, there are compromises that offer you and Tiger a win-win resolution. An often used psychological tool with children applies equally to our furry friends: discourage bad behavior and encourage/reward desirable behavior

Scratch THIS, Pussycat!
Behavioral training methods to teach your cat appropriate places to scratch.

Aids to Prevent Destructive Scratching
Cats need to scratch; it is an ingrained need to help maintain their main source of defense, and to develop strong sinewy muscles and connective tissue. Destructive scratching need not be a problem if you recognize and respect this need to scratch, and provide allowable alternatives to your furniture

How To Trim Your Cat's Claws
Trimming your cat's claws is a humane answer to declawing. Start with a relaxed, sleepy cat, sharp clippers and a good light source, for best results. Regular human toenail or fingernail clippers work well, as well as guillotine-type cat clippers.

Review: Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cats
Undesirable scratching is one of the prime reasons for surrendering cats to shelters, but there are less aggressive alternatives to declawing or abandonment. Soft Claws, developed by a veterinarian, ranks high on the list of humane alternatives.

How can I help prevent future pain for my declawed cat ?
I reader has recently adopted an already-declawed cat and is worried about its future. She asks what she can do to help prevent future pain or crippling of this cat. Read my reply to this FAQ about cats.

FAQ - States Where Declawing Cats is Illegal
A reader from the U.K. asks a number of questions about declawing in the USA. FAQ from About.com

Issue: Are Anti-Declawing Laws Needed in the U.S.?
For several years, anti-declaw advocates have been pushing for laws outlawing the practice in the U.S., to catch up with the rest of the civilized world. On the other hand, pro-declaw people have resisted legislation that would take the choice out of their hands. The question is then, "Are anti-declaw laws needed in the United States, or will they do more harm than good?"

Pro-Claw Advocates Score Major Win
The City of West Hollywood, CA has set a precedent for other municipalities by being the first city in North America to ban the declawing of cats. Where do we go from here?

Declaw Laws Poll
After informing yourself on both sides of the issue, cast your vote in this poll, and then compare your opinion with those of other readers.

The Paw Project
The Paw Project is very much pro-claw, and has been instrumental in promoting several bills in California that would make declawing of cats illegal. This group has also played a large role in the rehabilitation of big cats cripped by declaw surgery.

FAQs on Cat Declawing
Veterinarian Jean Hofve, of Englewood, Colorado, answers frequently asked questions about declawing, the surgical procedure, and feline scratching behavior.

The Truth About Declawing: Technical Facts
From veterinarian Dr. Christine Schelling, all the facts on declawing surgery and its effects on cats.

Veterinarians who do not Declaw
Pro-claw advocates want to work with veterinarians who share their beliefs about the sanctity of cats'claws. Dr. Christianne Schelling has provided a list of such veterinarians in the U.S. and Canada.

DECLAWING: What You Need to Know
If you are considering declawing your cat, please read this article, written by noted veterinarian, Dr. Christianne Schelling.

Declawing of Cats: CFA Guidance Statement
The official position of the Cat Fanciers' Association on declawing.

Educate! Don't Amputate!
From Lisa Violet's site, a menu of links and articles advocating against declawing.

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