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Dental Health and Oral Diseases in Cats

Dental disease affects cats as much as it does humans. A program of regular brushing, dietary controls, and regular teeth cleaning by your veterinarian can extend the life of your cat's teeth, prevent painful oral conditions in your cat, and ensure better overall health for kitty.

February is Pets Dental Health Month
Every February, several veterinary groups, including the The American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA),and the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS) join together to educate pet owners to the importance of regular care of their pets dental needs during Pet Dental Health Month.

Cats Dental Care 101
Although cat owners may have sharp eyes at spotting symptoms of illness in our furry friends, many of us have taken a more casual approach to dental health. It is not surprising, therefore, to learn that 85% of adult pets have periodontal disease, and that dental disease is the largest single cause of health problems in cats.

An early planned dental care program for your cat will help prot…

Open Wide, Kitty
An ongoing dental health program can save you and your beloved cat much future grief and pain.

Dental Care Plan for Cats
Dental care for your cat is critical, not only for promoting good dental health, but the overall health of your cats, as well. Here are tips and tools you need to get your cat aimed toward better dental health.

February: Pets Dental Health Month
February is set aside as Pets Dental Health Month, as veterinarians and other experts promotion education for pet owners on the dental needs of cats and dogs.

How to Clean Your Cat's Teeth
Step-by-step lesson for cleaning your cat's teeth, the most important maintenance routine you can perform for kitty's overall health.

How to Examine Your Cat's Teeth and Gums
A monthly at-home examination of your cat's teeth and gums is an essential part of a dental health plan, and will keep your cat on-target toward healthy teeth and gums.

Top Dental Care Products for Cats
Your Guide's Top Picks for the tools you'll need for starting a dental care program for your cat.

Video: Dental Examination
A short video of a professional examination of a pet's teeth and gums.

Does Your Cat Have Doggy Breath?
Dr. Janet Crosby, About Guide to Veterinary Medicine, answers commonly asked questions about dental problems in pets.

The Importance of Dental Care for Pets
Dr. Janet Crosby, Veterinary Medicine Guide, gives the whole scoop on caring for your kitty's teeth

Chronic Gingivitis and Stomatisis
Gingivitis and Stomatisis are not only painful mouth disease for your cat, they can also contribute to overall health problems if gone unchecked. Dr. Holly Frisby covers all aspects of these serious conditions.

Dental Resorption Lesions
Dental resorption lesions are the most common form of tooth loss in cats, according to this article by Holly Frisby for PetEducation.com

Encyclopedia of Dental Disease
Dr. Jan Bellows provides an encyclopedia of forms of dental disease and their treatment. Although this site is primarily aimed toward professionals, lay persons will find the information useful.

FAQs on Dental Care for Your Cat
Drs. Foster and Smith come through again with answers to frequently asked questions about dental care for cats.

Mouth Problems in the Cat
From FabCats, and outstanding article on the various forms of oral disease, including dental problems, gum disease, and cancer.

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