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Dry Cat Food - Staple of Many Cats' Diets

Because of its convenience, because cats enjoy the flavor, and because of the nature of cats to "graze," dry food is a staple in many cats' diets. Learn what to look for in dry cat foods and ingredients to avoid, in order to make intelligent, informed decisions in choosing cat food.
  1. Reviews of Dry Cat Foods

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula
Formulated with roasted venison and smoked salmon, Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula indeed give cats a taste of the wild.

Grain-Free Dry Cat Foods
Grain-free cat foods have been developed to address the concerns of cat owners about the effect cat foods containing excessive carbohydrates such as corn and wheat have on cat health. Check this short list of grain-free cat foods, and if you don't see your favorite brand listed, you may write your own review.

Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Primitive Feline Cat Food
Learn more about Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline Grain Free Dry Cat Food with this full review by Franny Syufy on About.com

EVO Turkey and Chicken Dry Cat Food
Innova EVO Turkey and Chicken Dry Cat Food is completely grain-free, and fairly low in non-grain carbohydrates. Learn more about this food and why or why not it would be a nutritious food for your cat.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Dry Cat Food
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free dry cat food is an excellent food for any cats, including cats with food allergies and overweight cats.

Write a Review of a Premium Dry Cat Food
A lot has changed in the last decade in the way we feed our cats. Cat owners are becoming more and more aware of the critical need of proper nutrition for our cats. We try to feed the highest quality food to our cats and have learned to read cat food labels to learn to recognize quality food. Your premium dry cat food reviews are encouraged with the use of a simple form. The information you share… See submissions

Castor & Pollux Natural UltraMix Dry Cat Food
I periodically review some of the better commercial cat foods. This week, Castor & Pollux Natural UltraMix is on the line. Read my review for the rating, along with the bottom line.

Taste Test Premium Dry Foods
To supplement the list and reviews, I decided to try an experimental taste test, using four of the Top 10 products I happened to have on hand. The results were interesting, and I offer them with a few caveats.

Top Guide Picks: Premium Dry Foods
Any of these dry foods would be excellent for your cat. (Our own cats actually prefer #9.) Alternate with premium canned food, for a well-balanced diet for your cat. These products were chosen from the "adult" lifestyle category for comparison purposes.

Top Guide Picks: Premium Dry Foods for Kittens
Kittens have special nutritional needs to promote growth and development, such as extra protein for muscle development; fat for energy, fatty acids, and to carry fat-soluble vitamins; and extra vitamins and minerals for strong bones and teeth. These foods were ranked first, for protein source, and second, for nutritional analysis, giving weight to protein and fat, although other factors applied.

Write a Review of a Dry Kitten Food
Kittens need a premium dry food for the source of all the necessary nutrients needed to promote the development of strong bones and muscles, promote healthy teeth and gums, and to provide a source of protein and energy needed for the intense period of growth which occurs during the all-important first year. You are invited to write a review of kitten foods you have used. See submissions

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