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Ear Conditions and Hearing Problems

Find out all about ear mites, deafness, and other ear problems causing hearing dysfunction in cats; how to prevent them, how to treat them, and how to help ensure optimum health in your cat's ears.

Hearing Loss and Ear Problems
Cats can compensate for early degrees of hearing loss, so sometimes their human companions are unaware of the problem until complete deafness occurs. Sharp eyes may spot symptoms, both early and late:

How to Clean a Cat's Ears
You may need to clean your cat's ears as a preliminary to administering medication for mites, or just as a part of regular grooming. Try this easy step-by-step tutorial for easy cleaning of a cat's ears.

Ear Disorders of Cats
Dr. Mike discusses Ear hematoma, scabs around ears, dizziness and disorientation, Pitysporum, Chronic otitis media, itchy ears and allergies, and ear mites in this Q&A about feline ear disorders.

Ear Problems in the Cat
In-depth study of the anatomy of the ear and a number of diseases and conditions that can cause hearing loss, from FAB.

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