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FAQs on Cat Care

Questions about cat care run the gamut, from "How can we make moving easier for our cats?" to "What kind of flea shampoo is safe for kittens?" to "How do I know when it's time to let my cat go?" I've assembled a number of these FAQs together to help you with your own questions about cat care.

Isn't it cruel to keep cats indoors?
A reader from the UK remarks that it is cruel to keep cats indoors, and that customs differ from country to country. Read my reply to this email.

Should we let our cat outside in our new home - Cat Care FAQ
A reader asks to settle a discussion about letting a cat go outdoors in his new home. A Cat Care FAQ from About.com.

What is the difference between cat hair and cat fur?
A question many cat lovers may have thought of but never asked is, 'What is the difference between cat hair and cat fur?' Is there a difference? Learn a whole lot more about cat hair/fur with this FAQ.

How can I cat-proof my electrical wiring ?
My new kitten is fairly interested in the wires behind my TV and connected to my computer (these are all connected to the same surge protector. I am very concerned about this. Please help me, I don't want to come home from work to find a zapped kitty! FAQ from About Cats.

Any Medication for Cats Shedding?
I have two white cats and need to know is there anything you can do about shedding? I vacuum twice a day. I've brushed too. I thought cats shed in the summer. Am I wrong? Is there any medication to give them?

Is Milk Okay for my Cat?
My cat enjoys milk, and I give her a small amount two or three times a week. Will this help or harm her? I've read somewhere that milk is not good for cats.

Weight Loss Normal?
I notice that my cat seems to be losing weight. Is this common in the summer because of the heat and shedding?

How can I tell if my cat is pregnant?
This is one of the most common questions asked about pregnancy in cats. Unfortunately, although many people are hoping for a negative reply, the answer is too often "yes."

How can I tell the sex of a cat?
"I've just came across a big old tomcat or janecat can't tell the difference. How do I tell what sex the cat is before his vet visit on Thursday so I don't look like a complete ding-dong? Thanks."

How long should a kitten stay with its mother?
A reader writes to ask how long a kitten should stay with its mother before being adopted to another home.

What is Rippling Skin Disorder?
I read about that rippling skin disorder, and I think my cat has it. He does a lot of crazy running around with the skin on his back rippling. Also he wanders around at night, meowing loudly. What is it, and how can I help him? Learn more about rippling skin disorder, its symptoms, possible causes, and treatment, through this FAQ.

Please suggest a safe flea shampoo for a kitten
FAQ: Can you suggest a safe flea shampoo for our 10-month old kitten?

How can I safely get rid of ants with cats in the house?
Ant invasions are always a nuisance, and they do not seem to have a seasonal preference. This reader was concerned with the problem of eradicating ants while still keeping her cats safe.

How can I help my constipated cat?
My eight year old male cat appears to be constipated. He tries to use the litter box but no go. He is quite vocal and seems to asking for help as he constantly follows me around meowing! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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