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FAQs on Behavior

A large percentage of questions I receive by email or on the About Cats Forum are those concerning cat behavior. Many so-called "behavioral problems" result from the cat owners simply not understanding what cats are trying to tell us. And often cats' behavioral "quirks" are their most endearing traits.

Help me Curb my Cats New Spraying Habit - How to Stop Cats Fr…
A reader is distressed over her cats' urine spraying problem while she was on a week-long trip, and asks for advice on removing the urine stains and odors, and how to prevent his spraying in the future. Read my reply to this frequently asked cat behavior question.

How can I help our older cat accept our new kitten?
A reader asks for help in getting her older cat to accept her new kitten.

What is causing my cat's sudden behavior changes?
A reader asks why his cat's behavior is suddenly changing. The cat is obviously having nightmares and backs up runs away from his owner immediately after waking. These behavior changes happened after a 14-day trip, and a subsequent change to daylight savings time. Could these events have a bearing on the behavior changes. Read my reply to this cat behavior FAQ.

Why do cats sometimes act so crazy?
A reader asks: Why do all cats, doesn’t matter the breeds, all of a sudden out of no where run across a run, meowing, like a nut, 50 miles an hour, meowing or crying again and again, darting fasta and looking around all over the place then stopping?I have to get hysterical with laughter when they all do that!! I just never know when it will happen and all cats do it? Be sure to read my reply to this behavioral FAQ.

How can I get my new kitten to leave my adult cat alone?
Problems often arise when introducing new cats to a household, particularly when the newcomer is a kitten, and the resident cat an older adult. Read my response to this cat behavior FAQ.

Why does my cat paw my legs while in my lap?
A reader asks why his cat jumps into his lap then paws his legs, much like kneading bread

FAQ - Are cats solitary animals - behavior question
FAQ: I read an article that was a debate between cat behaviorists over whether cats have the capacity to love humans. One expert claimed that cats are solitary animals and only seek human companionship to fill their physical needs. I really do feel a bond with my two cats, but am I just fooling myself?

FAQ - Please help me help my scaredy-cat
Clover is a typical 'scaredy-cat' in that she is fearful about vet visits. She also was taken from her mother at 5 weeks of age and learned to socialize with only one human. Find out how to help fearful cats with this FAQ from About Cats.

How can I stop my kitten from growling at his brother - Behavior FAQ
A reader inquires, How can I stop my kitten from growling at his brother?

What is Rippling Skin Disorder?
I read about that rippling skin disorder, and I think my cat has it. He does a lot of crazy running around with the skin on his back rippling. Also he wanders around at night, meowing loudly. What is it, and how can I help him? Learn more about rippling skin disorder, its symptoms, possible causes, and treatment, through this FAQ.

Does a cat cry real tears - Behavior FAQ
This reader inquires about the truth of an article which said that cats 'silently cry real tears.' FAQ from About Cats.

Why does my kitten paw the floor next to his dish after eating?
After my kitten eats or drinks, he paws the floor as if he is digging or burying something. Since I have never had a cat before I have no idea what he is doing or trying to tell me. Do you?

Why does my cat lick me?
Being a first time cat owner, I have a question: Why does my cat lick me? Is it for salt or whatever taste is on my hands or is a sign of affection or all of the above?

Why are my neutered cats spraying?
I have two cats. A female about 12 years old. A male three years old. When the three year old came into the home, I did notice a problem with the female marking different areas. It wasn't too bad at the time. But now it has got to the point that both cats are doing it everywhere in the home and outside also.

Help! I'm sleep-deprived because of my cats.
My two cats drive me absolutely crazy at night scratching the bed and walls to get me up, and every night.Do you have any recommendations for how to mellow these two out? I've been sleep deprived now for about a year, and really would love be able to sleep well every night. I really don't want to have to declaw them.

How soon will my neutered cat quit spraying?
Okay, so we waited a bit too long to get him neutered, and finally had to do it after he started spraying all around our house. He's been neutered for two weeks now, and still is spraying? How long will this behavior last?

Can this relationship be saved?
I am at the end of my tether and I just have to know if there is any hope that my two most precious babies will ever learn to get along. I would even accept that they just tolerate each other, they don't have to be best friends. Please give me some advice on what to do. I am willing to do anything.

How can I help my nearly-naked cat?
My cat was fine until we moved into a new mobile home, but two or three months later she started scratching and licking all over her body. She gets a lot of hairballs but hairball control food helps a lot. But she has started losing hair in her lower stomach, the back part of her legs, and near the top of her chest. How can I help my nearly-naked cat?

How can we get his cat to accept my kitten?
I recently moved in with my boyfriend. I have a 9 month old persian cat who is fearless and warm. He has a 4 year old mutt who is cold and private. His cat is having a very hard time adjusting. For the first week she stayed under our bed, didn't eat, drink or poop. Now in our ending second week - she still hasn't pooped and is barely eating.

Cat prefers the carpet to the scratching post - FAQ
My cat uses the scratching post but he likes the carpet better. What can we do about this? FAQ on cat behavior.

Why doesn't my cat meow - Behavior FAQ
My cat doesn't meow a lot. Is something wrong with her? FAQ on cat behavior.

Why do you oppose declawing destructive cats?
I must admit, I hesitated declawing my first cats. But the recovery was quick and I find they are much more "family-friendly" now. They still love me and I love them more. As my veterinarian put it: for many people the alternative option is destruction of the animal. Therefore, I support declawing.

New Declawed Cat Overly Aggressive: FAQ on Cat Behavior
We adopted Allie, a 2 yr old spayed female(who was declawed by a previous owner. As expected the two females didn't hit it off. There was alot of hissing and spitting between the females, but recently Allie has become increasingly aggressive towards Emma. Allie is a bigger cat, and she corners and stalks Emma, and it continues to get worse and more intense between them.

Adult cat wants to bite all the time
We have adopted a 15 month old Maine Coon Cat who with lots of patience has developed a loving personality. But we still cannot stop her from biting us when we try to play with her. My wife in particular seems to get the brunt of it each time. Is there a way which we can show her that her "staff" do not appreciate this behaviour and we would appreciate it if she stopped this bad habit?

Help with Scratching and Biting Kitten
Aggressive kittens can be a problem, but scratching and biting in kittens can be controlled with training and patience. Here is a FAQ on cat behavior, involving scratching and biting by kittens.

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