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FAQs About Litter, Litter Boxes, & Litter Box Habits

Judging by the number of questions I receive on litter boxes, litter, and litter box avoidance problems,this is an area of huge concern to cat owners. Herein are my answers to frequently asked questions about litter box matters.

Is it safe to use bleach to clean litter boxes - Litter Box FAQ
A reader had read elsewhere that one should NEVER use bleach to clean litter boxes. Read my reply to her question. Litter Box FAQ from About Cats

Should we change from clumping litter - Litter FAQ
A reader is concerned about using clumping litter for a senior cat, since the cat already has medical problems

What kinds of litter box do I need - Litter Box FAQ
I'm thinking of getting a cat or two, and I wonder what kind of litter box I should get. Litter Box FAQ

Where should I put the litter box?
I hope to soon adopt a cat for the first time, but I have a very small apartment. Where can I put the litter box so visitors (and myself) won't have to contend with odors?

How can we train our kitten to cover his poop?
My sweet 10 week old boy kitten Scamp poops in his litterbox, scrapes around for a while, but fails to cover his poop. During this process he always manages to step in his poop and it doesn't seem to bother him. How can I help teach him better litterbox techniques?

How do we train our previously indoor cats to go outdoors?
We're stumped; how do we get them to use the great outdoor litter box? With the huge push to keep all cats indoors, I can't find any information on this topic.

How can we keep our cats out of our kids' sandbox?
My cats are both adult cats that have been used to being both inside and outside cats. Now that spring is here, I'm having a problem with both of these darlings using my children's sandbox as a litterbox. How can I prevent them from "going" in their sandbox?

Help! My outside cat avoids the litter box after surgery.
My outside cat, who visits occasionally inside, had to have her back right leg tendons, ligaments, put back together. She will not use the litter box. Is there any way to tantalize her to use the litter box, since she can't go outside?

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