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How do we train our kitten to cover his poop?


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Kittens readily take to their new litter box

Franny Syufy
Question: How do we train our kitten to cover his poop?
Answer: Time and patience are what it will take. It sounds as if Scamp is trying to cover his poop, just hasn't mastered it yet. You may have to show him a few times by gently guiding his paw and showing him how to scrape the litter over his poop. He'll eventually get the idea.

You mentioned that your two kittens share the same litter box. The rule of thumb is one box per cat and one extra, so that would mean three boxes for your two siblings. I'd also advise ditching the clay litter. Kittens tend to eat the stuff, or ingest it while cleaning, and it can cause serious bowel problems. See my article on The Clumping Clay Controversy for more details.

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