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Feline Genetics and Inheritance

From the genetic markup responsible for tabby cats to inherited traits that cause cats to pass on hip dysplasia, these resources help explain an increasingly complex subject.
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Why do some black cats look different in the sun?
A reader wants to know why some black cats look different in the sun. Read my reply to this FAQ

Are odd-eyed white cats blind in one eye?
Are white cats with bi-colored eyes blind in one eye? This is a feline genetics FAQ I recently received. Read my reply and learn more about white cats and their eyes.

Cat Breeds - Mixed Breeds - Color Patterns
Cat lovers who are not actively involved in the cat fancy, often are confused about identifying terms, such as purebreed, DSH, and tabby. Learn more about the qualifying differences between these terms.

Cats Picture Quiz: Breeds vs Domestic Cats vs Color Patterns
How extensive is your knowledge about cats' breeds? Are you confused between breeds and color patterns? Can you tell a calico cat from a tortoiseshell? Take this javascript-based quiz for both fun and information.

Hemingway Cats - Amazing Cats with Many Toes
Learn the history and story behind the many-toed cats known as Hemingway Cats, polydactyls, or Mitten Cats.

Picture Album: Polydactyl AKA Hemingway Cats
Cats Picture Album Index - pictures of polydactyl AKA Hemingway cats, submitted by readers of About Cats.

Cat Colour Genetics Primer & FREE Feline Genetics Software
Free program for predicting phenotypes of cats based on known genotypes, and calculating mating predictions. From the makers of Breeders Assistant Pedigree Software

The Basic Self (Solid) Colours of Cats
Sarah Hartwell offers a thorough discussion of the four basic self (or solid) colors of cats: black, chocolate, cinnamon and red, along with all the modifications of each.

Basic Genetics Part 1
Fascinating study of color genetics in cats. Find out how all colors and patterns derive from the basic black and red colors, from Foothill Felines.

The Nature of Genetic Disease
John Armstrong, writing for NetPet, helps to clear up the confusion between "genetic disease" and problems that have an inherited component, i.e., that not all "interited diseases" are "genetic."

Persian Genetics Glossary
A glossary of genetic terms for breeders, from Mousekateers Persians.

Life with a Polydactyl Cat
Polydactyl cat companions describe their cats. Learn about training and housebreaking the polydactyl, and other characteristics of this 'many-toed cat.' You are invited to share your stories and photos about Life With a Polydactyl Cat on this site. See submissions

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