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Feline-Human Bond

Love is the binding ingredient between cats and humans, from the ancient days, when Egyptians considered cats as gods, to the present time, when many humans have only a cat as companion and soulmate.
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Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs
I may be prejudiced, but in my humble opinion, cats are better than dogs for 10 reasons and I'm willing to prove it. Read more, and see if you don't agree with me!

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs - Or Vice-Versa
Readers have their say about why they think cats are better than dogs.

The Feline-Human Bond of Love
Examples of the unconditional love shared between cats and their humans.

Top 10 Things Cats Like
Many of the things cats like the most involve bonding with their favorite human. Learn how you can help your cat enjoy the things he most loves.

How Cats Love
Cats show love for their humans. Let us count the ways.

Making Rounds With Oscar
Making Rounds With Oscar is a sad but wonderful book as it recounts the positive effect Oscar the cat has on his dementia patients and their families in a nursing hospital ward.

My Cat's Finest Hour: Reader Stories of Their Cats' Finest Hour
Your cat's finest hour may also be one of your own proudest moments, and we would love to see your stories and photos. Use this form to share your own. You may upload up to two photos of your cat. Use all the space available, but remember to observe the character limits.See submissions

Ask Amy: Cat Grooming
Read this Ask Amy column to learn why cat grooming can target owner's hair. Learn about cat grooming, and why cats groom owner's hair, and what to do.

Holiday Cats

Most of us who share our homes with cats consider them as family members, and the winter holidays are even more precious when shared with our holiday cats. These articles will all help you keep the winter holidays happier and safer for your holiday cats.

Cat Attention: How To Pet A Cat
Learn why cats play kitty keep way when owners try to pet them in this article by Amy Shojai, CABC the cats.About.com contributing writer.

Happy Cat: Is My Cat Happy?
As concerned "cat parents" we all want happy cats, and yet often question-is my cat happy? Although every feline is an individual and, like humans, may show happiness in different ways, there are some pretty universal happy cat clues. Learn what cat body language, cat communication, and cat behavior indicates a happy cat.

Sad Cat: Is My Cat Sad?
Refer to this Amy Shojai cat behavior article to learn about your sad cat and understand how to know cat is sad. Answer the question, is my cat sad, with this cat behavior article about understanding sad cat behavior.

Share Stories About Your Gift-Bearing Cat
It's been my experience that my smartest, most loving cats have had one trait in common: they had a fetish for bringing me gifts. Behavior experts will tell you that it is a nurturing instinct, common with both female cats and "alpha" cats - cats who manage a household. I suspect that, at least in the case of my own cats, bringing me gifts may be nurturing, but more often, it is sending me a clea… See submissions

Ways to Enjoy Cats Without Having One

There are many situations where cat lovers can't have a cat. Here are just a few:

  • College Students Whose Dorms Don't Allow Pets
  • People Allergic to Cats
  • People Who Live out of Suitcases
  • "No Pets" Rentals
  • Kids Whose Parents Say "No"
  • Seniors in "No Pets" Facilities
  • People in Financial Crisis

Children's "Read to Animals" Programs
I grew up in a family of readers, and was fortunate to have a mother who also taught English. Thus, my childhood from the very early years often found me with my nose buried in a book. Other children may not quite be as fortunate, and reading sometimes comes hard. An innovative kind of reading program is developing to help these kids learn to...

Readers Share Bonding Experiences With Cats

The feline-human bond is a complex mixture of physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences. It is so powerful that sometimes we may feel a closer bond to a cat than to another human in our lives. Likewise, the feline-human bond becomes even more powerful when it is shared by another human companion.

Readers share here personal stories about some of the aspects of their bond with the ca…

Thanksgiving Memories of Cats you have Loved - Share your memories wi…
Share your memories at Thanksgiving time of cats you have loved and lost.

Are Cats Solitary Animals - Share your opinions and experiences with …
One expert claims that cats are solitary animals and only seek human companionship to fill their physical needs. While I have my own thoughts and opinions about this claim, I'm more interested in seeing what my readers believe. Post your opinions and experiences in the provided form.

Do you believe cats have souls - post your story
Do you believe cats and other animals have souls? Have you had any personal experiences that you feel back up those beliefs? Or do you think that when they die, they are just gone? Share your stories and opinions with other readers.

Do Cats Cry Real Tears?
When I posted a FAQ titled 'Do Cats Cry Real Tears?' my readers rushed to an opposite viewpoint. Although strictly anecdotal, some of their stories about seeing cats cry from apparent pain and/or sadness are very poignant.

Cat Men Picture Gallery
We're here to dispel the notion that real men don't love cats, and we'll prove it with these photos. These men are not threatened by their cats; on the contrary, they respect them and admire them for being secure within their own feline personas. A lot of that has to do with the fact that men who love cats are secure within their own maleness....

Our Forever Bond with Cats
For thousands of years humans have bonded with their cats, and today we recognize that that bond has no limits. The unique bond between cats and humans is awesome to behold and even more incredible to experience. Each day brings new pleasures, just by living side-by-side with one of Nature's most beautiful, complex and mysterious creatures.

That this bond continues even beyond the grave is und…

Compelling Cases for Souls of Animals
After being taken to task for a comment in an article referring to the soul of animals, I took the subject to my readers in a poll: "Do cats have souls?". Not only did an overwhelming majority vote "Yes," but many of the thoughtful comments to my blog provided resources which backed up my position.

For those of my readers …

Simon and James
A true story, told to me by my hairdresser, of the remarkable reappearance in a dream, on the same night, to the two people who had loved Simon best, during his life on earth as a cat.

Patches - a True Story of the Paranormal Involving a Cat
Do cats have paranormal powers to know what is going to happen in the future? This true story of a cat named Patches may make you a believer.

The Telepathic Cat by Darren Zenko
Enjoy this sad but thought-provoking ghost story of a man and his cat, by Darren Zenko, reprinted with permission.

Giving Thanks for Cats We Have Loved
Celebrating cats we have known, on Thanksgiving.

Just Another Day...
Just another day in the life of a cat lover, an essay from your About.com Cats Guide.

Misty - Secret Agent Cat
Misty is a vital cog in the operations of an anonymous Department of Defense Research and Development facility somewhere in the southwestern deserts of the United States. She is also incredibly bonded with BalletCatter, the guest writer of this article.

Furry Bathroom Buddies
Does your cat (or cats) particularly crave attention when you are in the bathroom? Does he or she love to drink from the bathroom faucet, watch the toilet flush, or (heaven forbid!) shred the toilet paper roll into confetti? If you have one or more furry bathroom buddies, read the other stories, then share your own along with a photo or two with this handy Show & Tell form. See submissions

Why my Cats Are Members of my Family
I know of very few cat caregivers who do not describe their cats as "family." We even call ourselves "CatMoms" and "CatDads," and our cats are our "kids," "furkids," and "furfamily." Of such endearments is the feline-human bond woven. My cats and dogs have always been members of my family, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Read the other stories,......See submissions

Cats We Have Known and Loved
Thanksgiving Day is the time set aside in the United States for reflecting on the things in our lives for which we are thankful, and my cats are always pushing at the top of the list. Although I had cats in my teens, it wasn't until I met my husband-to-be in high school, that I acquired a passion for cats, which remains to this day. Read my...

Including Cats at Thanksgiving
In the U.S. we take time at Thanksgiving to give thanks for all the rich bounties life brings us. For many of us, our beloved cats, both past and present, play a significant role in these bounties. Please take this opportunity to share with other readers the way you will give thanks for your cats on this Thanksgiving day. See submissions

Winter Holiday Cats Picture Gallery
Enjoy these pictures of holiday cats lounging by the Christmas tree, sometimes dressed in Christmas finery. Other Winter holiday cat photos, including Hannukah and Kwanzo are also most welcome here.

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