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Our Forever Bond with Cats

Bonding with Cats Here and Beyond


For thousands of years humans have bonded with their cats, and today we recognize that that bond has no limits. The unique bond between cats and humans is awesome to behold and even more incredible to experience. Each day brings new pleasures, just by living side-by-side with one of Nature's most beautiful, complex and mysterious creatures.

That this bond continues even beyond the grave is undeniable evidence of its capacity. Explore here the many facets of this powerful, everlasting bond.

The Feline-Human Bond of Love

Shannon, my forever friend
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
Consider the number of cat lovers you know who refer to their cats as "my baby," or "my children." These are not mere words, you know; we really do consider them our offspring, and worry about their health, happiness, and well-being just as we worry about our human children. In my opinion, that is as it should be. Cats can teach us many valuable lessons about courage, self-reliance, life, and death, if we will just open our eyes and ears to really look and listen.

Real Men Do Love Cats

Asa bonding with Billy
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
What does the typical "Cat Man" look like? You probably wouldn't be able to pick him out of a crowd. But if you talked to him for awhile, you'd find that he has an ingrained sense of self, without being arrogant, and that he has the ability to laugh at himself (absolutely necessary when owned by a cat). He is his own person, and generally is looked up to by others. He may even be macho in appearance, but he retains a sensitivity that surfaces at unexpected times.

He isn't threatened by cats and loves them for the very independence that some other men find annoying. He may be a laborer or CEO, but he comes home to cuddle and coo with his furball the minute he enters the house, and he's not embarrassed to admit it.

Teach Kids to Bond With Cats

Girl with Kitten
Photo Credit: © Sandra
Kids can start bonding with cats at a very early age, and as they grow and learn more about the animals we share this planet with, those early bonding sessions with cats will help mold them into compassionate, responsible adults.

I have a great deal of faith in the young people of today, and I'd like to contribute my part in helping to teach them responsibility toward pets - the cats and dogs who inhabit their lives. Many of them will carry these lessons forward into care and concern for all the animals that populate our world.

Simon and James

"Simon and James" is a true story of the bond between an aging cat and a young boy, as related to me by Edye, a hairdresser I frequented on my trips to the Russian River area of California. The story follows the developing bond between Simon the cat and James the boy, as their life journeys together finally reach the final culmination. The heartwarming, though chilling events at the end of the story solidify the belief that these bonds last through life and beyond.


Patches bond with her humans was so strong that she went to extremes to protect her "dad" when she apparently foresaw a deadly potential. This amazing story is told by Alice Thompson, a neighbor who played a major role in the amazing outcome. Do cats possess psychic powers? Read this story and believe...

The Telepathic Cat

Ghost Stories of Pets and Other Animals
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
This story is from Daren Zenko's book, "Ghost Stories of Pets and Animals," reprinted with permission. Compare prices. It details the bond between Brent Jansen and his cat, Moby. While Jansen is abroad, thousands of miles away, he has a disturbing dream about Moby's demise, at the precise time Moby's death occurs.

Knowing When to Let Go

Photo of Bubba, Rainbow Bridge Cat
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
Guest writer Kari Winters, professional member of the Cat Writers' Association, addresses a topic most of us would rather think about, but which many of us will have to face, sooner or later. The very idea of voluntarily relinquishing a cat to death is unthinkable. However if a cat is terminally ill, we need to ask ourselves, "Am I keeping him alive for his sake or mine?"

Winters addresses this facet along with other important considerations in her compassionate article.

Dealing with Loss

Shannon, 1982-2001
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
While not all will agree, losing a precious cat to death is much like losing any beloved family member. Your emotions will range from disbelief to anger to overwhelming sorrow, and for awhile you will feel like you'll never recover from this loss.

"What's the big deal? It was only a cat. Get over it." Most friends will not be crass enough to voice this opinion, but you can still sense the unspoken words in some.

This article offers positive steps you can take to ease your way through the process of grief and recovery, so that one day you will be able to remember your cat in happier days with laughter and love.

Memorials to Special Cats

Photo of Memorialized Cat Pinky
Photo Credit: © Caroline Chin
Creating a memorial to a cat you have loved and lost is a good way not only to honor your beloved kitty, but also to help you through the grieving process. These memorials speak for themselves of the bond between humans and cats that transcends life itself. This section will always be "in production," and your tributes to your own Special Cats are encouraged. It is always difficult to say "goodbye" to a cherished friend, and a tribute is one way of easing the pain while saluting the cats who have brought so much happiness to our lives. You may submit your cat's photo and tribute using the form and upload available for galleries on this list.

Memorial Gifts for Cat Lovers

Photo of Black Granite Memorial Stone
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
When a cat lover loses a treasured cat to death, the mourning process is similar to that of loss of a family member. A fitting memorial helps to ease the loss, whether it be a picture with a written memorial, a plaque, figurine, or a garden memorial statue or stone. I've chosen a few lovely memorials that can either be given as gifts or to honor the memory of a cat you've personally lost.
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