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Readers Share Feline-Human Bond Experiences

Read These Experiences, Then Share Your Own


The feline-human bond is a complex mixture of physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences. It is so powerful that sometimes we may feel a closer bond to a cat than to another human in our lives. Likewise, the feline-human bond becomes even more powerful when it is shared by another human companion.

Readers share here personal stories about some of the aspects of their bond with the cat in their lives. After reading these stories, you may be compelled to share yours too, and are encouraged to do so.

1. Cats as Therapy Companions

Cats as therapy companions
Sudo Takeshi/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Cats are slowly moving into their own as therapy animals, and are being used more and more in convalescent homes and other institutions for that purpose. Readers share their own therapy cats stories.

Slowhandfan writes: Being disabled with chronic pain & depression, my Dr. suggested I consider checking into a hosp. I was incredulous. I said I am at home, with my therapist, my cat at my side 24/7, who has more intuition to my pain, physical or mental than I do. She senses when I need her most & when I'm holding my own. We talk a lot (& she loves me to sing to her, which is good therapy for me.) Her intuition is uncanny and beyond human comparison. She understands . . .

2. Are Cats Really Solitary Animals?

Raleigh was a loyal, loving cat
Photo Credit: © Pat Wolesky

One expert claims that cats are solitary animals and only seek human companionship to fill their physical needs. While I have my own thoughts and opinions about this claim, I asked my readers for their opinions.

HOSTPat replied: Both of my cats are very sociable with me and crave attention. They want their lap times, they want me to play with them, they want to be in the same room with me, they greet me at the door, they cuddle with me in bed. They also come out to visit my guests who come over, although they are much more reserved with them than with me. They knead on me, Coco licks my face - they are very. . .

3. Photo Memorials to Cats

Memorial Photo of Sonny
Photo Credit: © deenamiller

Creating a memorial to a cat loved and lost is a wonderful way to honor the cat and to help get through the healing of such a loss. You may create your own photo memorial with an easy online form, and upload two photos of your cat.

Deena shares memories of her angel cat, Sonny: He made me smile, laugh & showed me and everyone he touched constant unconditional love. I knew his heart...he knew mine. I knew the moment he fell sick that he was very sick. I told him it was ok to go to heaven. . .and I trust that he heard me. We had a connection that was so special I don't know how I will ever not feel a lump in my throat that he is not with me. How someone so small could impact my life so deeply. I love you SONNY--I MISS YOU my precious boy.

4. Do Cats Have Souls?


Do you believe cats and other animals have souls? Have you had any personal experiences that you feel back up those beliefs? Or do you think that when they die, they are just gone? A. goodwitch shared: I lost my beloved cat in January 2009. She had been with me for a very long time. She was very much my 'familiar'. When she slept with me, she always had to touch me, either my hand, my head, my cheek, neck or shoulder. Her paw would lay on me all through the night. Now that she is on the other side, she still jumps on the bed every night. I feel her as if she were still alive. I know she comes to me when she senses that I miss her so much. She comes to me when. . .

5. Memories of Cats you Have Loved and Lost

When we bow our heads to give blessings before Thanksgiving dinner, we remember all the cats we have known and loved, past and present. They fill a huge place in our lives, and we're ever thankful that they have chosen us to be their humans. Sharing memories of loved cats is actually appropriate year-round.

Kyle4770 remembers: I had the most beautiful black and white cat who filled my life with joy. She would come to the door before I even got there, run around like a kitty and attack toys. She was five years old when she passed, too young. I miss her so much I constantly think I'm seeing her in the corner of my eye. Her name was Spike - tongue in cheek,and I had her way too short, but I feel blessed to have. . .

When a Cat Dies

Although this blog introduced an article about planning for the disposal of a deceased cat's remains, it has become a repository of memorials for cats who have recently died. The stories shared here are heartfelt and touching.
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